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More Gold for your Golden Years

15 January, 2015

As the baby boomers,numbering in the millions,are reaching their retirement
years,more and more of them are looking their inevitable healthcare needs right
in the face. And,as the cost of healthcare skyrockets in the US,the price tag
of assisted living has become too cost prohibitive to many seniors. This is why
a steady stream of Americans and Canadian folks enjoying their Golden Years are
saying "Hola" to Mexico.

Thousands of new seniors,
enlightened by the knowledge of a fantastic retirement,are crossing the border
to the fantastic and charming hacienda style nursing homes where the sun is
warm,the breeze just right,and living La Vida Loca is cheap. There are over 1
million North American retirees already living
in Mexico
. All of them sharing a common bond; a love and new
appreciation for the smell in the air,the brightly colored birds,and all of
the new sights and sounds of this magical culture…They say you feel like living

In a recent survey,more than 44% of American seniors,who reside
on the coast,can live comfortably on less than $1,000 dollars a

In Rosarito,18 miles south of the United States border,on the
Pacific side of Mexico,INCARE is one company offering in-home nursing at half
the cost of the same care as in neighboring San Diego.

specializing in independent living facilities are looking south of the border as
well. A US and Spanish joint venture named Sensara Vallarta is a stunning new
condominium community boasting 250 units targeted towards Gringo's 55 and older
located in Puerto
on the Pacific side.

If Mexico can give hard working
folks,enjoying their golden years of retirement,a better way of life at a
greatly reduced price tag,then this Gringo says,"OLE!".

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