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Mexico's contribution to finding tomorrow's medicine

15 January, 2015

Glorious Mexico,the name brings me back to Hammocks,Sea Breezes,and Margarita's…  However,The Land of the Aztecs is more than a place to hang your sombrero. 

Mexico is investing and focusing quite heavily in the Biopharmaceutical sector. Mexico,claiming the 10th largest economy in the world,invests more than 1% of its GDP into their own research and development. Quite surely this percentage will increase as Mexico continues to develop the medicine's of tomorrow.

A newly released Global Health Progress fact sheet has highlighted Mexico's investment in its Biopharmaceutical Sector and noted their investment has had a significant impact on economic growth,reduced the burden of disease,and the local community has improved access to quality medicine's.

Not unlike the US,Mexico recognizes the potential for this sector as being a catalyst for economic growth through the need for high-skilled jobs.

Currently Mexico's Biopharmaceutical sector employs more than 25,000 nationals at over 32 Biotech companies. Quite soon,there will be a flood of highly skilled and educated Technology and Engineering students  entering the workforce. There are more than 800,000 technology students currently enrolled in Universities throughout Mexico. 

It is comforting to see a well diversified,emerging market like the beautiful Mexico,so focused and tuned in to economic growth. After all,they are our gracious neighbors to the South.


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