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Mexico’s booming manufacturing sector

15 January, 2015

Manufacturing in Mexico is continuing to expand and explode in record breaking numbers in various sectors.  Most notably,vehicle exports and automobile production.

In May of this year,Mexico produced more than 213,000 cars which is almost a 20% increase from the same period last year.

According to Eduardo Solis,the larger than life President representing the Mexican Association of the Automotive Industry,states that there was an increase of almost 22% in auto exports recorded in the same period.

Mexico is the 9th largest producer of automobiles in the world which produced a whopping,record setting 2.3 million vehicles in 2010. This figure represents a 50% increase than in 2009,according to the AMIA.

Mazda just announced last week that they too will be investing $500 million for the construction of a new manufacturing plant in Guanajuato this fall in order to begin pumping out more cars in the second half of 2013.

This investment of half of a billion dollars will enable Mazda’s new facility to produce at least 50,000 new cars a year at this beautiful,state of the art facility.

Mexico is the perfect hub for manufacturing automobiles for several Asian and European economies to penetrate or increase their presence in the Unites States simply due to its manufacturing capacity.

Delphi,one of the World’s leaders in auto parts,is investing $11million,which will generate more than 2,000 jobs.  This is their first facility in Mexico,in the state of Durango,to manufacture new,quality auto parts.

Additional growth in Mexico’s manufacturing boom can be illustrated by the aircraft giant Beechcraft’s investment of $108 million in their opening of a new plant in Chihuaha City,which also will also create hundreds of jobs assembling structural parts for their turbo prop airplanes. 

Just last month,President Calderon,announced that Pesco,a Korean based company,will invest $300 million to expand its steel plant in Tamaulipas,again creating hundreds of jobs.

Obviously,these investments show the extreme confidence that powerful,mega,international companies have in Mexico.

To bolster their’s and other’s continued confidence,President Felipe Calderon has assured and pledged that Mexico will continue to promote investment in aerospace,electronic,and automotive manufacturing.

With these facts,Mexico will undoubtedly continue to strengthen their reputation across the globe as an international leader in manufacturing.

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