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Mexico Strengthens Ties with China

15 January, 2015

As China poises itself for a true milestone, that of overtaking Japan as the second largest economy on Earth. Mexico has strengthened its relationship with the world's largest exporter, auto buyer, and steel producer. According to Time magazine,"the fortunes of companies from Detroit automakers to Brazilian ironworkers depend on spending by China's consumer's and corporations." 

Seeing a mutually benefitting relationship,Chinese Foreign Minister Yang Jiechi and his counterpart from Mexico Senora Patricia Espinosa have reached an agreement to strengthen a strategically cooperative relationship between the two countries. During the meeting, the two dignitaries were keenly aware of the benefits that a bilateral understanding will bring in terms of significant contributions to the development of both countries. 

In addition, the two top officials really emphasized the desire for mutual cooperation and investment in the areas of trade, implementation of infrastructure, increased tourism, agriculture and continued exchange of people's and top official's and executives.

Mexico is rapidly advancing and is home to the World's richest man, this is a great time for Mexico!

Topics: Economy