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Mexico Real Estate for the coming Boomers

15 January, 2015

Now that the baby boomers, which are numbering in the millions, are arriving to their retirement years, more and more of them are staring their future healthcare needs right in the face.

With the cost of healthcare skyrocketing, and in some cases prohibitive in the US,  the price tag of assisted living has become impossible to pay for many seniors. This is why a steady stream of Canadian and American folks are taking back their Golden Years and saying "Hola" to Mexico.

Hordes of new seniors, now aware of the fantastic and dignified retirement they have worked so hard for, are now crossing the border to the amazing and charming hacienda style nursing homes where the sun is warm, the ocean breezes are just right, and living La Vida Loca is finally affordable. 

There are now more than 1 million North American retirees already thriving in Mexico.  All of them sharing a common bond… A heartfelt love and appreciation for the new smells in the air, the plethora of brightly colored birds, and all of the new sights and sounds of this ancient, magical culture…  They say you feel like living again! 

In a recent survey, more than 45% of American seniors, who reside in Mexico real estate, can live comfortably on less than one thousand dollars a month.

One such destination is Puerto Aventuras on the Caribbean side of Mexico, home to the only marina south of Cancun, this picturesque, gated golf community and Puerto Aventuras real estate have felt the effects of this mass exodus.

Developers that specialize in independent living facilities are searching south of the border as well.  A  Spanish and US  joint venture called Sensara Vallarta is a gorgeous new condominium community that boasts 250 beautiful homes targeted towards those fifty five and older  on the Pacific side, located in Puerto Vallarta.

If Mexico can give honest, hard working folks that are looking forward to enjoying their golden years a better way of life at a significantly reduced price tag, then this Gringo says,  "OLE."

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