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Mexican bread going green?

15 January, 2015

Grupo Bimbo,the largest Mexican food maker and who also lays claim to the World's largest bakery,has recently announced that it will be partnering with Renovalia,a Spanish energy company,to build a $200 million dollar wind farm that will supply the majority of electricity that it will need for its operations in Mexico.

"This is going to be the biggest conversion from fossil fuels to renewable energies that any food company has carried out in the world,"  Bimbo Chief Executive Officer Daniel Servitje told Reuters in a telephone interview. "Given the efficiencies of wind generation,it will be both a profitable project for us,as well as very positive for the environment."

"The wind farm,to be built by the Mexican affiliate of privately held Spanish renewable energy company Renovalia,should provide nearly 100 percent of the electricity needed to run Bimbo's operations in Mexico," Servitje commented.

Bimbo's commitment to buy electricity for the next 18 years was needed to secure bank financing for the plant.

Bimbo is initially estimating it will save at least 5 percent on electricity costs from making the conversion,but savings will depend on existing and future fossil fuel prices,says Servitje .

Bimbo made the announcement during the recent United Nations climate talks in the Mexican coastal resort of Cancun,where leaders and negotiators are trying to reduce emissions from fossil fuels to handcuff global warming.

Cemex,the number 3 cement maker in the world,the retail giant Soriana,and Walmart de Mexico have also begun launching their own windfarm projects in Mexico as well. 

The plant is to be built in the southern state of Oaxaca and thus enabling Bimbo to become the first company within the food industry to make the biggest change to renewable energy.

Bimbo has 65 plants and business centers within Mexico real estate and presence in 18 other countries.

I am very happy to see such a great country like Mexico ahead of the curve on reducing and eliminating green house gasses and pollution. My family and I,along with millions of other sun seekers,love the laid back attitude here in Mexico,but when it comes to being pro-active and aggressive on global issues,Mexico never waits for mañana.

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