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15 January, 2015

Coming from a financial background,one of the true joys of my chosen profession was during the due diligence process.

I took great pride and joy in trying to discredit or find the chink in the armor of thousands of investments over the years. 

In most cases,this was easy,others took some digging. The investments and opportunities that met my approval or that I could not find the weak link,were profitable in most every instance. 

Ironically,all of the investments that were successful had a couple of common denominators.

One of those was how much "skin in the game" the individual that was trying to sell me on the idea had in the investment.  That was a biggie… and non-existent in most cases!.  The other factor I looked for in a potentially lucrative investment was who else has something to say about the investment besides the guy who was attempting to ensconce himself in my portfolio?

Now this is a tricky one in that you always want to "Buy on rumor,sell on news."  If the whole world knows about it you are probably too late to maximize your return on investment.

Buying land in the path of rapid growth is one sure way to achieve wealth while still staying under a safe and secure umbrella. Tulum real estate and land banking in Tulum is an opportunity that exceeds all of the above mentioned criteria.

We all know about the explosive growth of Cancun which now has over 1 million inhabitants.

Heading south,there's Playa del Carmen,which is a beautiful 35 minute drive from Cancun and only 20 minutes North of  Tulum. Playa,as the locals call it,landed herself in the Guinness Book of World Records a few short years ago as the fastest growing town in Latin America.

Then there's Tulum,not only a home to a migration of millions of visitors a year gracing her majestic Mayan ruins,but future home of a new international airport which is currently in the last stages of an intense bidding war for the construction and operation of the new Tulum International Airport.

With 70% of the tourism dollar being spent in an 80 mile stretch of Mexican Caribbean known as the Riviera Maya,look to Tulum and Muyil land banking as a healthy alternative to your assets.

The experts at Investment Properties Mexico have been on the ground of Tulum and specializing in Tulum Real Estate for years. Let them help you to see the potential of investing in Muyil and Tulum,and cheerfully educating you on the many opportunities available to you on the Caribbean side of Mexico… Ole'

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