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It's about time. . . A new Regional Airline for the Peninsula

15 January, 2015

Finally, an alternative to driving throughout the expansive Yucatan Peninsula. Much to the delight of business travelers, tourists, and even the locals, MAYAir, a new regional airline, has expanded its routes to include connecting the Yucatan's three major cities, Campeche, Merida, and Ciudad del Carmen with the number one destination in Mexico, the one and only Cancun.

Prior to this, the only way to commute between the cities was by highway. Due to the long and oftentimes hot road trips one must undertake to reach these Gulf Cities, a definite barrier to conducting business and increased tourism has been in place until now. The time efficiency and cost effectiveness of air travel will have a significant effect on increasing business and tourism throughout the entire Peninsula.

These convenient, new routes now allow tourists easy access to the Gulf Coast Cities from Mexico's second largest airport… Cancun International. The new and easy connections make it extremely likely that tourists will spread out their travel dollars more evenly throughout the Yucatan.

Also, with National Geographic naming Chichen Itza one of the new seven wonders of the world, and the the convenience of MAYAir's new routes, the ancient and mysterious world of the Mayans will now be discovered by millions more knowledge seekers in the coming months and years.

With the travel time reduced from 3 to 4 hours driving to a short 1 hour hop for less than $85,7 days a week, traveling from Cancun to Merida just got easier and now offers ex-pats throughout the Yucatan Peninsula new options for reaching their dream escape in Paradise.

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