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Investing Spree in Mexico

15 January, 2015

According to The London Financial Times,there is a building spree in The Riviera Maya,located on the dreamy Caribbean side of Mexico that is "like that of Spain 20 years ago". OHL,Spain's largest developer and mastermind to airports,over 4,400 kilometers of roads,bridges,ports and just about everything else is certainly one of the reasons that is happening.  Having spent billions of dollars in the last few years in Mexico,OHL is a Spanish conglomerate with clear vision. Investing heavily in the exploding Mexican economy.

Right on the heels of OHL's investment strategy to invest aggressively in Mexico,Abengoa,another Spanish conglomerate,has teamed up with GE,the world's second largest company,in a deal worth over 180 million dollars US to co-develop the largest power plant ever built in Mexico.  The 300 megawatt facility will be a co-generation power plant. Co-generation is a new process combining heat and power using a single fuel source such as natural gas. The total cost of the mega plant will be $640 million US  and will be located  near Villahermosa,Tabasco at the Nuevo Pemex gas processing complex. The Mexican government is committed to lowering its greenhouse gas emissions by 50 percent by the year 2050.

By implementing these new available options in efficiency  that goal may well be realized.  Banking giants Santander,Scotiabank,and HSBC,the world's largest bank,are just some of the investors in the project providing the additional $460 million dollar capital infusion. The infrastructure and long term sustainability of our neighbor to the south is further strengthened by the many multi national companies calling Mexico home.

This is no mystery in that Mexico is the most affordable place in the world to do business as recently reported by Reuters.

Check it out for yourself.

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