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Investing in Riviera Maya Real Estate...Ensure success!

15 January, 2015

Once in a great while an investment or opportunity stares you in the face and we are all so caught up in our daily lives we do not give it its due attention.

Puerto Morelos Real Estate is one such opportunity.

Named after a famous 19th Century rebel leader who led the Mexican War of Independence by the name of Jose Maria Morelos,this magical ancient fishing village,located about 22 miles south of Cancun is booming and there is no end in sight.

Let's first review some facts… Puerto Morelos had a population of 1,097 people in 2005. In 2010 it sat at 9,188 and today we are over 11,000.

The Chinese Government have just invested 1.5 Billion dollars in a project called DragonMart that will be located in Puerto Morelos,bringing thousands of Chinese and tens of millions of revenue dollars.

Having an international airport within 20 minutes of Puerto Morelos will allow the new influx of people to arrive en masse.

The Riviera Maya,an 80 mile stretch of pristine beaches along the Yucatan Coast,is the fastest growing region in all of Latin America. In fact,according to the Guinness Book of World Records,Playa del Carmen,Puerto Morelos’ neighbor to the south,was the fastest growing city in the world just a few short years ago.

Last week,CNBC reported investors are realizing double digit returns with regards to Riviera Maya Real Estate throughout the region.

Whether it is the arrival of a brand new International airport,a colossal trading outpost such as Dragonmart,or just the fact that the nicest beaches in the world are here,make sure you contact Investment Properties Mexico to ensure your healthy retirement is just that,by investing in the fastest growing and most profitable region in the world.