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Finally Own Your Dream Home and Let it Pay for Itself

15 January, 2015

No one has been immune to the onslaught of negative press regarding Mexico. First with the drug related violence and next the swine flu,Mexico's resiliency has certainly been tested. Well, good news…..They're back….The tourists and travelers that is.

Occupancy rates are nearing pre-flu numbers and with the new multi-million dollar sand renovation project completion, the beach revelers are once again soaking up the sun. This is fantastic news for the people of Mexico but for the tourists as well. The Riviera Maya is the fastest growing, most popular area in all of Mexico and this unprecedented growth has uncovered some portfolio strengthening opportunities. The growth we are experiencing here is nothing compared to the immediate future with the aggressive implementation of infrastructure to support the mass migration of more and more tourists and baby boomers looking to retire somewhere warm, less expensive, with fabulous health care and a place where their retirement dollar goes further.

Right now, many smart and savvy investors are snatching up the available Mexico real estate in anticipation of a booming rental market.

In the previous year, the beautiful Riviera Maya said hello to 3 million visitors, the government is doing everything possible to increase that number to 18 million in the next 15 years. "Mucho" folks will be requiring a place to stay. 

This makes fulfilling your dream of a second residence near the crystal blue waters of the Caribbean, not only a wonderful intrinsic purchase but a smart investment as well. Although there are many agencies that are ready and willing to help you rent your unit, there also are many internet sites such as VRBO that also allow you to control your tenants while meeting new people. 

When considering a sound, conservative, secure investment, always remember the cornerstone of economic success,"Supply and Demand". 

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