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Federal Tourism Budget For 2011: Q-Roo On Top

15 January, 2015

Quintana Roo,arguably the most beautiful of all the 31 states in Mexico and home to the Riviera Maya, has just been historically allotted an overall increase in Federal Tourism dollars that equates to a budget increase of 24% over last year's amount!  A sum that is 5 billion pesos (A little more than $400 million USD).

The recently released 2011 Federal budget for Mexico which lists Quintana Roo as the State with the strongest tourism and growth potential is a huge benefit for the area in that it will continue to ensure the area's never before seen growth explosion which landed Playa del Carmen in the Guinness Book of World Record's 4 short years ago as the fastest growing town in the world.

Carlos Joaquin,a happy Playa del Carmen resident and President of the Federal Tourism Committee stressed,"that the newly increased amount will show results in particular in the quality of life for areas like Quintana Roo,which is home to Playa del Carmen,Cancun real estate,Cozumel and Tulum.  The increase will also offer a huge benefit and boost to the working class population in terms of jobs relating to tourism and the subsequent infrastructure implementation."

Over the last decade,Playa del Carmen has continued to be one of the fastest growing towns in Latin America,this has happened not by chance. The turquoise,translucent waters,home to the 2nd largest coral reef in the world,boasts multiple nationalities and the cultures that make them unique. 

This area has seen a four fold increase in property prices over the last decade according to the London Financial Times and with the 24% increase in Federal Tourism spending in 2011,you better get your piece of Riviera Maya real estate now!  

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