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Awwww Shucks… More Canucks

15 January, 2015

Canada's Globe and Mail,their century old nationally distributed newspaper with a weekly readership of almost 1 million people,has recently announced that this year is on pace to shatter last year's number of Canadian tourists heading to sunny Mexico.

The number of tourists from Canada that visited this paradise to the south in 2005 was roughly 700,000 people. By 2009,that number almost doubled to 1,222,739 sun seekers. This year it is on pace to produce significantly higher numbers which is certainly music to Mexican ears.

On another interesting note,in 2006,Canada's contribution to Mexico in terms of holiday visitors was 8.8% of all tourists in that year. This year,Canada,which represents Mexico's 2nd largest market,is now responsible for 14.6 % of tourism while the US declined from 62.9  to 61 % of all tourism in Mexico. Most likely a result of the stumbling US economy.

The Globe and Mail also goes on to say that,"Canadian tourists have a sophisticated understanding of the conditions in Mexico." They recognize that the majority of violence is confined to a handful of states,thus not deterring their love for the sun,sand and history of Mexico and Mexico real estate.

Mexico and Canada are strong allies and partners in NAFTA and Canada has quite an investment in Mexico and the country's success. With investments in all sectors of Mexico's machine,Canadian tourists will continue to support Mexico for many more years to come.

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