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135 Mayors from around the World Meet in Mexico to Get Green!

15 January, 2015

Yesterday marked an unprecedented event in Mexico City as Marcelo Ebrard,Mayor of Mexico City,as well as the Chairman of the World's Council on Climate together with his colleagues from over 135 cities around the globe signed a Mexican Pact which will establish a verification and monitoring system for cities to address changes in the climate.

This meeting of the Mayors,is a significant pre-cursor to reducing greenhouse emissions and a meeting of the minds before the UN sponsored Climate Talks which commence next week in Cancun.

CNBC reports that "with more than half of the World's population today living in cities for the first time in human history,Mayors and urban leaders are on the frontline of the planet's fight against a changing climate."

Funding will be a critical component to ensure that globally all cities will have the financial resources to realize their green house gas reduction goals. Mexico City is in the process of implementing a think green plan designed to reduce green house emissions by 7 million tons by 2012.

I am very happy to see such a great country like Mexico ahead of the curve on reducing and eliminating green house gases and pollution. I,along with millions of other sun seekers,love the laid back attitude here in Mexico but when it comes to being pro-active and aggressive on global issues,Mexico never waits for mañana.

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