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Forbes, NY Times Names Mexico Top 2015 Travel Destination

13 January, 2015

Forbes travel contributor Lea Lane has rounded up a slew of 2015 predictions by the world’s top travel experts, who have evaluated today’s biggest international challenges to release the travel and tourism industry’s latest list of trends to watch. 

“The most popular destination, by a landslide, will be Mexico,” writes the New York Times. “Mexico is alluring not only for its sun and sand, but also for its cuisine, destination yoga retreats and cultural activities, be it exploring the ruins of ancient Maya civilization at Chichén Itzá, a Unesco World Heritage site near Cancun, or partying in Cabo San Lucas.”

In 2015,Mexico is once again coming out on top, having been named a “top bookings destination” by the Travel Leaders Group. Mexico was also named the “top international destination for Americans” by Euromonitor and Cancun topped the list of top 2015 destinations, according to a research team at Bing, Microsoft’s search engine.

“Mexico last year hosted over 20 million trips, and this year is projected to reach a million more, mainly from California and other border states,” writes Forbes. “American tourists, especially those traveling with families, prefer a safe, welcoming environment with minimal language problems. For peace of mind you can stay in popular areas such as Cancun,Playa del Carmen and Cabo San Lucas.”

Mexico is Safe

In fact, despite the impression some news reports might give, travel to Mexico remains safe, according to the U.S. State Department. By contrast,Lane predicts that the recent Paris terrorism attacks, which are shedding light on what she calls “Europe’s increasingly visible problems,” along with other global disasters, will “dampen American tourism in Europe this year” and prove to bolster Mexico’s status as one of the world’s top destinations for savvy international travelers.

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Mexico is Affordable & Accessible

Travel to Mexico is not only affordable, but it is also unbelievably easy to get there, with hundreds of direct flights daily (and new options being added all the time) from most of the world’s biggest cities straight to Mexico’s hottest destinations. Add to this the fact that travel to Europe is currently at its highest level in more than 15 years, and it’s easy to see why fewer Americans are opting to travel overseas and are looking south of the border to Mexico instead.

Mexico Offers Stunning Rental Properties

According to Forbes, about 14 percent of travelers – a number that continues to rise, by the way – preferred to book a private home, condo or apartment rental for at least one of their trips in 2013. To put it in perspective, this is a jump up from only 8 percent in 2010 – which is great news for anyone who owns property in one of Mexico’s many resort towns.

“Entrepreneurship in this area means private bookings will soar,” writes Forbes. “It’s becoming trendy to upgrade basic accommodations.”

What are your 2015 travel plans? We would love to hear about them in the comments section below!

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