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Investing in Mexico Real Estate: My Money is Here and This is Why

12 January, 2015

Hello again everybody today I wanted to talk a little about what is really going on down here in paradise and why it was my choice as to where to invest my money. So lets take a minute or two to go over what this “little country” has to offer investors in the Mexican market and why you should too.

When it comes to the economy,Mexico is coming out like a heavyweight. The economic output of Mexico was almost 1.8 trillion in 2012 according to the GDP. Now you need to understand that was less than it’s primary trading partner the US which came in at almost 16 trillion, but more than Canada which came in at around 1.5 trillion. Now as far as size goes, Mexico is about as large as Saudi Arabia but supports almost 5 times as many residents while exporting around ¼ of the crude oil.

Mexico depends primarily on its exports and most of these are bound for the US, around 80% in fact. Since NAFTA was signed in 1994, the exports to the US have tripled and almost all of it’s other exports are under the 12 free trade agreements including China,El Salvador,Honduras and others. Trade in Mexico is actually larger than any other large country and it manufactures and exports more goods than all of the other Latin American countries combined.

Let’s talk oil for a minute. Mexico is number 9 in oil production worldwide. It could be much larger, but since oil and gas is nationalized here in Mexico and represents about 1/3 of the money the Mexican government runs on, exploration and drilling have become soft. The good news is now the Mexican government is open to foreign exploration on a profit sharing basis which will decidedly move it up on the scale in the near future according to the new President.

For several years Mexico has not out performed it’s competition Brazil but in the last year it grew faster and while some people in America are worried about illegal immigration,Mexico is gaining immigrants also as well as retired Americans moving here for a less costly retirement haven and more affordable health care.

We at Investment Properties Mexico have been following the trend and know where it is going. Whether you want to see 300%-400% returns in Land Banking or get a solid 12% return on development projects, we have an investment strategy to fit your needs now and in the future.

With almost every other developed nation in the world investing billions into the Mexican economy and infrastructure, why wouldn’t you. Whether it be raw land, a vacation condo, or retirement home, investing in Mexico real estate is a win win every time. It’s like standing behind the players at a Black Jack table and you get to see every ones hand. It’s very easy to see where to place your bet.

As always, don’t take my word for it. Do your own homework and then call Investment Properties Mexico.

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