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Heineken Purchases Beer Division of Femsa for $5.17 Billion Dollars

12 January, 2015

In the first semester
of 2010 the Dutch beer company Heineken purchased the beer division of Femsa
for $5.17 billion dollars. Femsa,
is one of only two brewers and distributors of beer products in Mexico,
producing three of the five leading brands in Mexico: Tecate,Dos Equis,and

Founded in 1890 in
Monterrey,Mexico as Cerveceria Cuauhtehmoc,the FEMSA beer division averages
monthly sales of more than $4
billion dollars. With a Mexican
market potential of more than 63 million people and growing at more than 5% per
year,Mexico proved worthy to be included in the portfolio of one of the
world´s leading brewers.

Lead by this massive
acquisition,Dutch foreign investment represented 56.8% of all foreign
investment into Mexico in the frst six months of 2010,follow by the United
States with 28.6% and Spain with 7.8%.

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