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G20 Summit in Mexico Real Estate

12 January, 2015

Just last week representatives from the 19 leading economic nations as well as a representative from the European Union met in Los Cabos,Baja California,Mexico to discuss trade pacts,climate change,social unrest,and the global economic instability that has been confronted since 2008.  This meeting known as the G-20 summit has taken place every year since 1975 where only the 6 most influential nations were invited.  Such leaders as President of the United States Barak Obama,Russian President Vladimir Putin,and German Chancellor Angela Merkel where all in attendance for the two day summit.  Yet the choice of location puzzles me……

Isn´t Mexico strife with social unrest?  Isn´t Mexico close to a civil war due to drug cartels that are eagerly trying to sell their product to their consumptive neighbor to the north?  And what about the continuously CNN advertised 50,000 dead that has been plastered across American TV sets for the past four years?

Surely the individuals that we have chosen to lead our world out of the greatest economic depression since the Great Depression could find a more pleasant location to sit down and chat?  

How about England?  Well 95% chance of rain and they have those bomb scares in London….  

How about France?  Well racial tensions have really put a damper on the country´s love embracing spirit since reporting double digit unemployment a few years back.  

The beautiful southern coast of Italy?  Well chances are they will leave the Euro next if the Union starts to collapse,that based on their 0.4% growth and 120% debt as percentage of GDP.  Probably not the bastion of hope the world needs right now.

China?  Well,maybe they were afraid the representatives would get lost amongst the 1.3 billion people and not be able attend their meetings on time?

Whatever the reasons for getting together in Mexico real estate,it was most likely well thought out and decided upon by someone far more intelligent than I.  Perhaps they see that Mexico is the world´s 14 leading economy where unemployment is less than 5%,where the 50 free trade pacts have lead to a GDP per capita greater than China (the second largest GDP in the world).  Perhaps they were just downright afraid of having the event in the United States where recently a disgruntled ex-employee opened fire and killed 8.  Or perhaps,the organizers just wanted to sit on one of Mexico´s world acclaimed beaches and sip Margaritas?  Whatever influences their decision had,the result was a two day Mexican holiday.

So where does that leave the rest of us that get fed an endless all you can eat PR buffet of Mexican fear?  Perhaps it could be best summed up by successful businessman,continual client,and good friend Tommy Scotto when asked why he decided to invest in Mexico,“it´s gotta be good for them,it´s gotta be good for me too,” referring to the massive investment from companies such as Costco,Starbucks,and Walmart.

I remember my mother calling me when she heard the first sound bite from Headline News asking me to bring myself and her two grandchildren back to her in San Diego.  Wasn’t there wild gun wielding banshees decapitating all onlookers?  My answer came as I watched my two most prized possessions make sand castles steps from the blue green waters of the Caribbean Sea,“mom,the only person haggling me is this Mayan lady asking me to buy her handmade hammock .”  My mother´s answer laughing, “offer her four hundred pesos and I´ll be down in two weeks to use it.”

My hammock sways gently from the ocean breezes in my back patio as I write,and gets regular use to the day…. my mom came down as promised  as did my uncle to test it out…. They stayed much longer than their expected two weeks.

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