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El Taj, Sacbe and Maya Villa Playa del Carmen Condos from Jack Perlman

12 January, 2015

A small but intrusive problem recently arose which required me to move a little more to central Playa, and a lot closer to the beach so I now live 2 blocks from El Taj... in fact I’m looking at it right now from my Patio.

Let’s take a look on how it came to be shall we.  Jack Perlman, a man of many talents from New York had been vacationing in Cancun for years and when he landed in 1993 he took a look around and saw that it wasn’t the place he was used to. It was still beautiful and picturesque, but the vibe had changed ,or maybe it was just that he had. The genie was out of the bottle so to say and everyone was coming down in droves, including the party revelers of college age with all inclusive resorts, wet t-shirt contests, and dancing on the bars. Not to say there is anything wrong with that…it happens here too, but you get my drift, he wanted something like it used to be.

 So began his search, asking locals where he could find cheap beachfront property with a laid back style and after a few chats he was told to go to Cozumel. Well, he got to Playa del Carmen and wouldn’t you know it, he missed the ferry so he decided to take a walk down the beach and the rest is history. If you were to ask him today how all this came to be he would tell you “Like every other south of the border success... accident”.

So now we have El Taj, who also has sister properties around the same area such as Villas Sacbe, Porta Playa and Maya Villa. Perlman teamed up with reknown architect Sergio Segura to design an atmosphere of luxury and a feel of an Oasis inside what they knew was going to be a growing, thriving community but wanted to protect a small area and keep it pristine while at the same time giving guests a getaway just a few meters from the hustle and bustle of Playas 5th Ave.

When asked about his design goal for the properties, Sergio said “ Beauty”. You will find no straight lines here, not cookie cutter units. All El Taj Beachfront and El Taj Oceanfront units face the beach and to walk through them is like drifting on water. All the units have flowing curved lines that seem to sweep you along effortlessly to your destination making you look forward to where you are going. Once you enter the gates you are surrounded by beauty. Palm trees, exotic plants, and flora from around the region envelop you to the point you forget there is a city outside just a few meters away.

Just so you know, if you are looking at Mexico Real Estate, Tulum Real Estate, Akumal Real Estate, or any Real Estate in Mexico, Sergio Segura has been the inspiration behind many of the most sought after projects. His design inspiration can be seen in developments such as Real Zama, Zama Village, Zama Gardens, and many more. To the point, many if not most of his design projects have sold out at pre-construction phase which makes an investment in his properties a pretty safe one if not guaranteed, but hey, Google him, it’s a free world for now.

Although El Taj Beachfront and EL Taj Oceanfront are not all inclusive, they definitely rank and hold their own with the best. They were awarded Trip Advisors top hotel destination in 2012 and 2013 as well as Mexicos top destination and trendiest hotel, a hat trick so to say. Also one that none other has done since.

Guests at El Taj Beachfront and El Taj Oceanfront get to enjoy the amenities of both properties, whether it’s the black mosaic infinity pool of Oceanfront or the iridescent infinity pool at Beachfront.

You can relax in one of the aqua massage chairs, in room service, or just hang at the beach club Indigo.

This 5 star resort is nothing like the condo-hotels that many are used to. The 2 sister properties are comprised of 57 units ranging from 1-4 bedrooms, many with Palapa roofs and outdoor Jacuzzis. All of the properties are based on Indonesian design and most of the furnishings are imported from Bali, from the the bed frames to the beach umbrellas that dot the tranquil beach landscape at the private club. Literally fall to sleep in the 400 + thread count Egyptian cotton sheets while resting your head on goose down pillows if that is your choice. You can enjoy Yoga in the morning as the sun rises or learn Tai-Chi in the afternoon if time permits and the drinks aren’t getting watered down from the melting ice.

I could go on and on trying to describe the  beauty and amenities that these outstanding properties offer, and even try to paint a picture with words but that would only diminish what needs to be seen in person. So if you are in Playa, check these properties out and if your going to be in Tulum, check out Aldea Zama. 

Regardless of your travel plans, if you visit Playa take the time to drop by these one of a kind properties for a show. From the minute you go through the gates into the tropical surroundings you will find it hard to believe there is anything outside the door besides more of it.

And yes as always…Don’t take my word for it, do your own homework. And when you find out that everything we have been telling you is true…..Give us a call.

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