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USA Today Reports: Cancun & Riviera Maya are Topping Travel Trends

03 August, 2014

Mexico is hot right now, and we’re not just talking about the temperature poolside! In fact,Cancun and the Riviera Maya region, which lies just south of the Cancun International Airport, have emerged as the world’s most-requested destinations according to Tripology, a division of USA Today Travel.

“Cancun was the most requested destination outside of the United States,” writes USA Today. “With an average budget of $3,170 to spend on this popular beach location,53% of all travelers were interested in planning a romantic getaway or birthday celebration.”

The report also noted that around 40 percent of travelers inquiring about Cancun were interested in adventure seeking, which is plentiful throughout the region, and that most vacationers right now are planning ahead for October getaways. In addition, Tripology reported that Mexico as a whole was the top requested global destination in terms of travel. In fact,Mexico has attracted 22 percent of inquiries from sun seekers worldwide who are eager to escape the dreary fall and winter weather at home and head to warmer climes, prompting Cancun to add new destinations, hotels and airline routes to meet demand.

“Visitors can enjoy endless tours and activities in Cancun’s Hotel Zone,including parasailing (the views are unbelievable),jet skiing, snorkeling, scuba diving, golfing, boating and much more,” writes Tripology. “Some of the beaches are calm and tranquil, while some feature rough surf, with big waves perfect for boogie boarding.”

The world’s second largest reef system the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef ,is also found just off the coast, making Cancun and the entire Riviera Maya region a prime destination for snorkelers and divers of all ages and skill levels. Of course, there are also plenty of fine restaurants, world-class shopping, museums, nightclubs, local markets and even world-class golf, all just waiting to keep travelers entertained.

Also of note, Tripology reported in early July that Mexico’s Riviera Maya, which lies immediately south of Cancun and includes the popular destinations of Playa del Carmen,Tulum,Cozumel and Puerto Morelos, along with countless charming smaller villages along the Caribbean coastline, is one of the top five most requested vacation destinations this summer, along with Cancun.

“What attracts many travelers to this destination is the convenience of getting there, the beautiful blue waters,t he variety of activities and the resorts,” writes Tripology of the Riviera Maya. “When visiting Cancun,Playa del Carmen or the Riviera Maya, the ruin sites of Chichen Itza, Tulum, Coba and Uxmal are all within day trip distance.”

In fact, the entire Yucatan Peninsula is brimming with ancient Mayan history and there’s even a small ruin called El Rey that can be found in Cancun’s bustling Hotel Zone. A variety of tours are available to the area’s archaeological sites, typically including round-trip transportation, a meal, educational information from a knowledgeable tour guide and a stop at one of the local Mayan villages.

Finally, in light of the many negative reports that randomly seem to pop up on the nightly news, it’s very important to note that it’s “extremely safe to travel to Mexico,” according to Tripology; provided you aren’t involved in the gang scene! In reality, the issues involve drug cartels that are causing some gang violence and crime to occur in isolated pockets – often along the U.S. border –thousands of miles from the nation’s popular vacation areas, such as Cancun and the Riviera Maya.

“Not visiting Cancun because of crime would be like not visiting Orlando because of crime in South Central Los Angeles,” writes Tripology. “Millions of people visit Mexico for tourism,business and study each year without incident. Some 150,000 cross the U.S.-Mexico border daily.”

But don’t just take our word for it – or theirs for that matter! For up to the minute travel information about Mexico, check with the U.S. State Department, which offers a state-by-state evaluation of each part of the country. To date,no advisory has been issued for states including the major destinations of Cancun, the Riviera Maya, Cabo San Lucas,Puerto Vallarta, La Paz, San Miguel de Allende and Mexico City, among others.

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