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Tourist Trade Heating Up in Mexico with $315 Billion Investment

10 June, 2014

As Mexico’s reputation as a hotspot for tourism continues to grow worldwide,the government has announced that billions of public and private investment dollars will be spent over the next four years in a massive infrastructure spending program that will provide even more support for the continued surge in visitors.

“The extensive plans will focus on new infrastructure projects to upgrade roads,ports,telecommunications,water and energy facilities to sustain the country’s growth in tourism and travel,” writes the Post Bulletin.

The Mexican government has allocated at least $315 billion for this purpose,while the private sector has already pledged at least $8.6 billion in additional funding for a variety of projects,including the construction and improvements of new and existing hotels and other public venues. According to Mexico’s Board of Tourism,these projects will create more than 100,000 new jobs,which will have the added benefit of supporting domestic tourism,since more citizens will enjoy higher incomes.

“There will also be investment in airport infrastructure,theme parks,marinas,golf courses,healthcare facilities and retirement communities,” writes the Post Bulletin. “All in all,the program will extend to 27 major tourist destinations spread across 17 Mexican states.”

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More than 176 projects in total will be initiated thanks to the funding,which is yet another extension of the Mexican government’s longstanding commitment to improving the nation’s tourism offerings,including the creation of hotspots like Cancun and Playa del Carmen in the Riviera Maya. And it’s paid off,with visits from international travelers boosting Mexico into one of the world’s leading destinations year after year. In 2013 alone,more than 24 million tourists visited the country,once again representing at least 10 percent of the nation’s total gross national product (GDP),even as the numbers continue to increase year after year.

It’s also essential to point out that the media coverage reporting incidents of violence over the last few years is almost entirely related to drug wars that occurred thousands of miles from Mexico’s vacation areas along the Caribbean and Pacific coasts,and that these incidents are actually quite isolated in well-documented regions. The U.S. State Department regularly updates its list of travel advisories in Mexico,which has shown no advisory in effect for all of Mexico’s most popular tourism areas,including Cabo San Lucas,La Paz,Cancun,Playa del Carmen,Riviera Maya,Tulum,Campeche,Merida,Yucatan,Chichen Itza,San Miguel de Allende,Leon,Hidalgo,Mexico City,Oaxaca,Huatulco,Puerto Escondido,Puebla,Queretaro and Villahermosa,among others.

“The areas seeing the biggest increases in tourism are the Riviera Maya and adjacent Cozumel,located in the Yucatan Peninsula,” writes the Post Bulletin. “Cancun and its beaches along the Caribbean comprise Mexico’s longtime No. 1 attraction and last year hosted 4 million visitors,up from 3.6 million the year before.”

The Riviera Maya is an excellent destination for couples,singles or families of all ages,with a wide range of exciting activities and ancient Mayan ruins located nearby. The beaches in this region are regularly rated among the world’s finest,along with the shopping,golf courses and theme parks.

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