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Caribbean Beachfront 2 Bed 3 Bath Luxury Condos $300K USD

01 June, 2014

If you have visited the Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean you already know how breathtakingly beautiful it is here. If not,you need to visit the area and see for yourself what it has to offer. Nowhere else in the world will you find pristine sugary white sandy beaches combined with the calm multicolored turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.

The climate is brilliant with an average temperature of 85 degrees with the waters of the Caribbean Sea at a constant 82 degrees all year long. In addition,the beaches of the Riviera Maya are rated #1 in the world attracting almost 50 million tourists annually. And by the way,all those great Corona Beer commercials you see on TV are filmed in the Riviera Maya. So popular is the area that over 70% of all tourists visiting Mexico vacation here plus 70% of all foreign investment and development dollars are spent in the Riviera Maya making it the fastest growing area in the world.

The Mexican government is pouring billions into the infrastructure creating a road system as good as or better than Canada and the US allowing for easy access to other areas via a new 4 lane highway that stretches from Cancun all the way to Belize. The government has allocated funds to construct 2 speed train routes and a brand new International Airport in Tulum that will service 3 million travelers. Major hotel chains are scrambling to add another 25,000 -35,000 more hotel rooms to meet the exponentially growing demand for accommodations in the Riviera Maya.

Taking into account all the above mentioned stats real estate prices here in the world’s most beautiful area is much less than half the cost one would pay in comparable world markets such as the Caribbean Islands,the south of France and Spain,and yes even southern Florida. Here’s the best part: property taxes in Mexico are 0.1 %,yes you heard correctly 1/10th of 1%. Does it get better than that?

Yes it does get better! Right now you can still acquire a beautiful spacious fully furnished and equipped 2 bed,3 bath luxury Caribbean Beachfront condo in the Riviera Maya for about $300K USD!  No other market in the world can offer you # 1 rated beaches,warm climate and water all year round with prices that are less than half of what one would pay in other areas.

Let’s recap the highlights shall we:

  •  # 1 rated most beautiful beaches in the world
  •  Calm multicolored turquoise waters that are 82 degrees year round
  •  Average climate of 85 degrees year round
  •  70% of tourism and investment dollars flow into the area
  •  Billions invested in the infrastructure
  •  2 speed train lines and a brand new International Airport in progress
  •  Real estate prices less than half of comparable world markets
  •  Low property taxes 0.1%

 Oh,and did I mention that in a recent “Barron's Report” Mexico was named the worlds New Economic $uperpower!! This report is available from me upon request.

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