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New beginnings in Playa del Carmen: Your own Boutique Hotel

20 May, 2014

What happens when you visit paradise and decide this is the place to hang out for longer than 2 weeks? Some preparation involved. While planning your adventure a very important detail is... What are you going to do to support yourself? There are plenty of ideas that will cross your mind but might not be ideal to make it a good investment. When looking for commercial property there are some very important points to take into consideration. 

Location, location, location. What do you need to make a business successful? Location!! Providing a good product is essential on whatever business. The wrong location will never showcase your product or service, no one will know what you are offering or how great it might be. In the Riviera Maya 70% of the tourism dollars are spent. What can be better than a hospitality based business? Products geared to travelers are not only necessary they are profitable.

There is a great variety of properties out there but none come close to the great opportunity a Boutique Hotel in Playa del Carmen presents. This little 17 room hotel is located right in the center of downtown Playa del Carmen. The location is less than ½ block from 5th avenue and has it’s own restaurant space that can be leased or owner operated providing an additional source of revenue.

The rooms are tastefully decorated and the center courtyard gives this great little property extra brightness. There are small stores and other restaurants surrounding the hotel making it the ideal destination for those wanting to experience Playa del Carmen’s vibe. Come visit and experience live as a Boutique Hotel owner. Meet folks the world over and enjoy paradise while having fun at work!!

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