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Mexico’s Riviera Maya Attracts Billions of New Investment Dollars

20 May, 2014

With the Financial Times reporting that tourism will remain big business in Mexico, and the industry projected to grow into the nation’s third-largest source of income by 2018 (currently tourism is in the number five spot),it’s easy to see why investors from around the world are getting in on the action, including new money from Russia,China,Qatar and Dubai, to name only a few. 

These new commitments, along with plans for private companies, financial institutions and the Mexican government to invest in the region, is projected to equal upwards of $8.6 billion over the next three years alone, with the Riviera Maya region poised to receive a large amount of this total.

“Dubai companies can use their experience in trade, tourism, construction and real estate sectors to focus on lucrative investment opportunities in Mexico and benefit from the country’s strong growth potential,” stated Hamad Buamin, President & CEO of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry. “In the medium and long-term, we see mutual growth potential in travel and tourism.”

Part of the reason for this growing confidence among the world’s smartest investors is that reports consistently show this area – which stretches along Mexico’s only Caribbean Coast, all the way from Cancun more than 80 miles south to Tulum – is experiencing the biggest increase in tourism, with numbers jumping by as much as 40 percent in recent years according to the Mexican Tourism Board.

At resorts and towns throughout Mexico’s Riviera Maya, families, visitors and residents of all ages can enjoy a wide variety of exciting outdoor adventures, including water sports and exploring breathtaking ancient Mayan ruins, or simply opt to relax at some of the world’s most beautiful beaches. The investment money will be used to finance the construction of new hotels, enhance public areas, upgrade existing facilities and also to build new airports, theme parks, marinas, golf courses, healthcare facilities and retirement communities.

According to the Daily Mail,Mexico’s Riviera Maya offers,“great value and quality with its all-inclusive range, combined with a wealth of things to see and do, from the gorgeous beaches of the Caribbean to the Mayan ruins at sites such as Tulum and Chichen Itza.”

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