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Tulum Real Estate: Mexico’s Next Big Thing

19 March, 2014

The turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea lap the coastline of Tulum, Mexico. Here, visitors will find gorgeous freshwater lagoons and beachfront restaurants with terrace dining that offers a stunning view at any time of the day. 

Tulum is the embodiment of a Caribbean dream, a paradise on earth with miles of secluded beaches and tropical foliage. As of this writing, Tulum is still one of the most financially accessible areas of Mexico’s Riviera Maya, but that is changing fast. Located less than two hours from the worldwide vacation hotspot of Cancun and just 40 minutes from Playa del Carmen,Tulum has been a favorite getaway destination among the world’s adventurous backpackers for some time, thanks to the fabulous diving and snorkeling that can be found here just offshore. 

As nearby Playa del Carmen has grown, however, Tulum real estate has increasingly been on the radar as the place to watch. With beaches that are even more beautiful than those in Cancun or Playa, and a new international airport planned to begin construction just 20 minutes from Tulum later this year, development here is inevitable, which means that real estate prices offer an incredible bargain for buyers who get in now. 

Today, driving south from Cancun is easy, with a modern four-lane highway that is suitable for a highly successful, developed resort area. New overpasses have already replaced the stoplights and intersections that used to make travel from Cancun to Playa tedious. 

Still, south of Playa much of the traffic drops off, and although the road is a four-lane highway, you get the sense that the area is poised on the brink of something big. And at just over a mile or so from what Conde Nast Traveler, Frommers, Travel + Leisure, National Geographic, MSNBC and TripAdvisor have all proclaimed to be “the world’s best beaches,” it definitely is. 

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