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Tulum Real Estate: Land Banking Hectares from $20,000

19 March, 2014

Located along Mexico’s stunning Caribbean coast,Tulum lies in what is known as the Riviera Maya and offers buyers the smartest real estate and land banking opportunities available on the market today. The USA Today recently named Tulum the “fastest-growing town in Latin America,” thanks in part to its stunning natural beauty and close proximity to vacation hotspots like Cancun and Playa del Carmen,which are both situated just to the north along the same coastline. 

As the most conservative business model in real estate,land banking is a simple practice that involves buying and holding land in the path of growth for future sale and significant profit. Over the past six years our clients have already seen fantastic returns of 300-400% by investing in land located in the path of growth along the 80-mile stretch of coast known as the Riviera Maya. Today,land banking in Tulum presents a unique opportunity that surpasses anything we have seen before. 

At just $20,000 per hectare,Investment Properties Mexico is offering Mayan land for sale at an amazing wholesale price. This opportunity to purchase land directly from the Mayans won’t last long and is giving buyers a chance to lock in immediate profits by tapping into the world’s most promising new real estate market.

So why is Tulum the “hottest section in Mexico” according to the Wall Street Journal? For one thing,it is home to the most beautiful beaches in the world,according to Conde Nast Traveler,TripAdvisor,Travel + Leisure,MSNBC and Frommers,to name only a few. Also,the world’s second largest barrier reef is located here,just a mere 20 yards offshore,providing amazing snorkeling and diving opportunities. The Riviera Maya is also a golfer’s paradise,with more than 15 signature courses and the only PGA tour event in Mexico. 

But that’s not all! Tulum is also home to the only seaside Mayan ruins and is fast becoming one of the most talked about towns in the free world. In fact,billions of dollars are pouring into the region,with Spanish developers investing upwards of $3 billion in luxury resort communities and the Chinese Government pledging at least $1.5 billion to open a new Dragonmart,which is an enormous warehouse venue offering a wide variety of Chinese goods for sale to buyers throughout the Americas and the Caribbean. Carnival Cruise Lines has also signed a pact to invest $150 million to build the largest cruise ship terminal in the world just a few miles north of Tulum. 

Now is the time to cash in on this amazing opportunity to own a piece of the Riviera Maya real estate,which according to Forbes is already the #1 destination for celebrities to vacation. And with all of the conveniences of home,combined with some of the world’s most stunning natural beauty,it’s easy to see why. The Riviera Maya has even been nicknamed “mini-USA” by many travelers,because it is already home to 9 Wal-marts,Sam’s Costco,Home Depot,Starbucks,Outback Steakhouse,PF Changs and AMC English-language movie theaters.

Growth in the Riviera Maya around Tulum real estate is showing no signs of slowing down. In fact,according to CNN,Mexico is currently 10th in the world for tourism with 52 million visitors,but is expected to be number 5 within just a few short years. Expedia said bookings to Mexico are up more than 30%,while hotel occupancy numbers remain well above industry averages at more than 85% for most of the year. 

Combine all of this with the fact that a new international airport is coming to Tulum,with construction expected to begin later this year,and it’s obvious that real estate prices are going to explode in the very near future. The Cancun airport is already over its true capacity,handling a whopping 190+ flights per day from nearly 50 countries and new flights being added all the time to keep up with an ever-growing demand. 

The new airport in Tulum is expected to handle at least 3 million travelers during its first year of operation. Perhaps that’s why Travel + Leisure magazine called Riviera Maya real estate “a gold rush.” Don’t miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. Follow the smart money and get your piece of the pie before its all gone or only available at retail prices. Take action - call us now!

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