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Tulum Land and Development: A Gorgeous Beach Near Jungle,Reef and Ruins

19 March, 2014

No matter how many beaches you’ve visited,chances are very good that you’ve never seen one quite like that of Tulum,Mexico. After all,30 million TripAdvisor voters can’t be wrong,can they? The beaches of Tulum were recently voted number two in the TripAdvisor Top Ten Beach and Sun Destinations poll,which is easy to believe for anyone who visits this tropical paradise on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. 

Just offshore,Tulum is home to the second largest coral reef in the world,where stunning fish in every color can be seen swimming in the crystal clear water. On land,the thick jungle awaits discovery,with colorful tropical foliage that is home to butterflies,monkeys and iguanas,to name only a few of the local species,and a variety of ancient Mayan ruins to explore. Here,visitors will enjoy swimming in the freshwater cenotes and climbing over the many jagged limestone outcrops that can be found throughout the region. 

Tulum is situated just two hours from the International Airport of Cancun,and there are currently plans underway to build a second airport in the region right in Tulum. When this happens,real estate prices will increase dramatically,but for now Tulum still feels much like a hidden gem,despite its modern amenities.

Nearby,the Sian Ka’an biosphere offers countless hours of exploration,encompassing more than1.3 million acres of protected land. This takes up around one-third of the entire Mexican Caribbean coast,and is home to a variety of endangered species,including birds,manatees,jaguars,tapirs and turtles.

Even outside the borders of the protected biosphere,there are some progressive restrictions on building and development in Tulum land,which strives to differ from the busy rows of high-rise condos,hotels and all-inclusive resorts of Cancun. To accomplish this,Tulum has enacted restrictions on building height and density,and aims to protect its reputation as an eco-chic destination that appears to be off the beaten track.

New developments in Tulum work hard to fit this vibe,and at just a few minutes drive from the beach,what they have to offer can be tough to beat. Many are off the grid and incorporate the lush jungle environment into their planning,offering large five-acre lots that provide a real sense of privacy. 

Lots in Tulum’s developments are also very affordable,often requiring as little as $7,500 down and costing as little as $17,500. Deals like this,at just a few minutes from the beach,are impossible to find in most places,much less in an upscale community such as Tulum,where building costs average around $60 per square foot. And don’t assume that ‘off the grid’ means rustic,because developers in the region have perfected the art of combining luxury with the natural environment. The fashionable homes boast clean,modern lines and careful attention to detail,yet are constructed in harmony with nature.

If you would like to see everything that Tulum has to offer firsthand,contact us for a viewing trip and chill weekend. The trip will allow you to get a taste of the real Tulum,including its stunning Mayan ruins and natural beauty. We will also help you get familiar with the process of buying a home in Mexico,while you explore the region’s famous laid-back lifestyle. There is no pressure to buy and no high-pressure sales pitch.

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