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Staying Ahead of the Game in Mexico Real Estate

19 March, 2014

Whether you are a millionaire or celebrity who is looking for a fancy yet low-key Caribbean hideout, or you are newly retired and hoping to actualize your longtime dream of purchasing a piece of real estate along Mexico's Caribbean coast, the area has everything you are looking for.

Consider Playa del Carmen, for example. In the mid-1990s, Playa was home to a mere handful of potholed streets and $10,000 could buy a plot of land on one of the former fishing village’s prime beach locations. Today, it has grown into a highly sought-after beach town, where celebrities are regularly spotted and rock stars come to relax and produce their music videos. In Playa del Carmen,Fifth Avenue is the place to be at night. The area is teeming with restaurants and cafes that serve everything from local Mexican cuisine to exotic specialties from around the world. One can relax while listening to some Jazz, enjoying brunch and looking out over the ocean, and Playa's many shops are abuzz with both local and luxury goods.

While all of this is great, but the only problem is that in today’s Playa del Carmen, a 1,000-square-foot condo can easily go for as much as $600,000. This means that it might be time to find the next Playa del Carmen and we know just the place: Tulum. This historical coastal city has the unmatched tranquility and natural beauty that buyers are searching for: Deserted beaches speckled with coconut palm trees ,lazy iguanas basking in the sun, impressive ancient Mayan ruins and clear azure waters  lapping against miles of unspoiled shoreline.

Tulum is located on the southernmost tip of the Riviera Maya. Boasting only a few non-descript streets, low-key beachfront hostels, a few bars and small boutique hotels; this is truly a serene and untouched locale. All around is lush untamed jungle, ancient forest ruins and the protected Sian Ka’an biosphere, and it is all situated right on the stunning Caribbean Sea, which is complete with sugar-white powder sand beaches and sparkling blue waters.

The fact is that Playa del Carmen is already bursting with development. So much so, in fact, that real estate prices have expanded exponentially and there’s very little undeveloped beachfront property left at all. Just like what has happened with the coast at Cancun, the town is being forced inland.

Entrepreneurs have had their eyes on Tulum for some time. Not only are the beaches nicer than those in Playa del Carmen, but the prices are much lower. In addition, thanks to the protected Sian Ka’an biosphere, Tulum’s development will be restricted from rambling down the coast. Furthermore, when the new airport opens, at least 3 million passengers a year are expected to visit Tulum. As it stands, property in and around Tulum can still be purchased at a reasonable price, but odds are good that it will eventually stretch the pocketbooks of the rich and famous, just like Playa del Carmen.

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