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Benefits of Land Banking Mexico Real Estate

19 March, 2014
  • High return on investment: Hovering between 10-30 percent annually.
  • Protection of principle: The volatile stock market can plunge overnight and has been down more than 40 percent in recent years.
  • Mitigation of risk: Real estate is a real and tangible asset in your portfolio.
  • Provides retirement funding: Since most parcels of land are held for three,five or ten years,this can work out nicely for those approaching retirement in the next decade.
  • Provides educational funding: A four-year college education will cost an average of $600,000 in less than 20 years.

Land banking provides a competitive alternative to investing in Wall Street. In recent years most investors have come to understand all too well that the Wall Street game is rigged and unfair. Unlike traditional stocks,bonds and mutual funds,however,investing in real estate is a physically visible and tangible alternative that can also deliver much more predictable returns,especially if you invest wisely. Successful land bankers look for areas where prices remain affordable,where there is still room for growth,and the profit potential is higher. Most of the time,this means buying land at a pre-developed stage,which is much like buying wholesale,while buying land that is already developed is more like buying retail.

“Buy land,they’re not making it anymore.” - Mark Twain,American author and humorist

Mexico real estate has vastly outperformed the traditional stock market. The numbers don’t lie: If you had invested $100.00 ten years ago in the S&P 500,it would be worth around $71.80 today – a decline of about 28.2 percent! And if you look back 20 years it doesn’t get much better,with the S&P 500 growing only 5.4 percent  - hardly the stuff of which retirement dreams are made. There has never been a better time than right now to invest in real estate. After all,the stock market has lost most investors at least half their money twice in the last decade alone and doing the same thing over and over again,yet expecting different results,is the very definition of insanity.

Land banking Mexico real estate can produce cash and ongoing yields,giving you greater control over your investments. In recent years,the dollar has been down and employment is at its lowest rate since 1982. People living in so-called developed nations have been let down by their governments and most of the wealth has not been going in the right direction. Real estate provides a way to stop the government from taking more of your hard-earned cash,safeguarding your assets and growing your wealth even in tough economic times. Land banking can help provide a more prosperous future for you and your family,but in Mexico’s Riviera Maya real estate you will need to act sooner rather than later.

The real trick to successful land banking is to figure out the best place to buy,acquiring pre-development land that is strategically located in the path of growth. While this may sound relatively simple,a real opportunity for tremendous growth can be tough to locate. So where is the best place to buy land for investment purposes today? We believe it is in Mexico,specifically the Riviera Maya and the area around Tulum real estate. Mayan land has been described by some as the world’s largest untapped real estate market. It’s available,it’s undervalued,and it can be safely purchased with qualified legal assistance.

Mexico’s Riviera Maya is growing rapidly and has been unaffected by the global recession. In the last year,more than 100,000 rooms were added to hotels and resorts in the Riviera Maya,and occupancy is at an impressive 70.6 percent and rising,which is up more than 12 percent from 2010. In fact,billions of dollars are pouring in to the Riviera Maya,with more than $3 billion from Spanish developers,$1.5 billion from the Chinese government,and countless others,including new Hard Rock and Playboy casinos,as well as a growing list of 5 diamond hotels. It’s no wonder that Mexico is currently the 10th most popular destination in the world for tourism and projected to hit number 5 over the next few years.

But when it comes to the benefits of buying Mexico real estate,don’t just take our word for it!

Riviera Maya real estate is “a gold rush.”
- Travel & Leisure magazine

Tulum is “one of the world’s best real estate markets in 2012.”
- International Living magazine 

“Bookings to Mexico are up 30 percent,with demand from Europe,Asia and Latin America up 200 – 300 percent.”
- Expedia 

Tulum is the “fastest-growing town in Latin America.”
- USA Today

The new Riviera Maya airport will detonate economic development in and around Tulum. Planned for opening during the first half of 2014,the airport will also dramatically reduce transfer times from Cancun and Cozumel – and it doesn’t take a genius to imagine what this will mean for real estate throughout the region!

“Don’t wait to buy land,buy land and wait!” – Will Rogers

These words have never rung more true than when they are applied to what is happening right now in Mexico’s Riviera Maya real estate. Follow the smart money and get your piece of the pie before its too late or only available at retail prices. Take action and call us now to learn how you can make double-digit returns in Riviera Maya land banking,with real estate available at the below market price of less than $20,000 per hectare.

Call us now at US (561)200-6134 to learn how you can profit from this amazing opportunity!

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