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Real Estate Bargains in Mexico's Caribbean

20 January, 2014

Major improvements are rapidly upgrading Mexico’s entire Caribbean Coast, especially throughout the Riviera Maya, where significant progress has been made on highways, access roads and city centers, with more improvements happening every month. These include the 80-mile coastal highway that stretches south from Cancun to Tulum, which has been entirely renovated, along with new overpasses, which are now in place in Puerto Morelos, Akumal and Playa del Carmen. The overpasses have allowed traffic to flow easily down the coast and provide tourists with easy to navigate access roads heading into all of the local towns and beaches.

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In Tulum specifically, workmen are laying a zigzag cobblestone walkway to beautify the new town center, where shops, restaurants and other commercial establishments will soon complete the overall picturesque look and feel of the ancient city. A new downtown is being combined with the old downtown to accommodate Tulum’s projected expansion, which will come naturally as the result of a new airport that is being built just outside of the city. This project has been in the works for several years and just last month Mexico opened up the bidding process once again for its ultimate construction.

The new international airport will be quite large, accommodating more than 3 million passengers in its first year of operation. Currently prices in Tulum remain reasonable, especially as far as beachfront real estate goes, with condos still available for purchase starting in the low $100,000s. One can only imagine how these prices will shoot up with the construction of the new airport, when the gates of tourism are thrown wide open. The fact of the matter is that the best prices in Tulum real estate are available right now and will likely be short-lived; anyone wishing to get in early should heed the warning signs and make their move now.

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