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Pristine Mexico Beachfront Lots: Avoid the Crowds & Dirty Beaches

20 January, 2014

By now,we all know that last year’s oil spill in the gulf has done widespread damage that will impact the lives of people in New Orleans,along with many other surrounding coastal towns and villages for many years to come. The world mourns the loss of livelihood and natural resources that the disaster has brought about,and recognizes that the extent of the damage is still unknown.

One bright spot amid all of this loss,however,is Mexico’s Costa Maya and Yucatan Coast,which still offer miles of pristine virgin beaches that are untouched by last summer’s catastrophe. In fact,the clarity of water in these areas offers visibility reaching up to 100 feet in many places,and marine life here is flourishing. To encourage its continued growth,an artificial reef has been placed just off the shoreline on the Yucatan Coast to be inhabited by the countless varieties of corals and other sea creatures that call these warm Caribbean waters home. 

Whether natural or man-made,Mexico’s reef systems – such as the enormous Alacran Atol – provide a safe haven for marine life and help to keep the surrounding waters healthy while providing a fertile fishing ground for the many coastal stores and restaurants that rely on a ready supply of fresh daily seafood. 

Mexico’s beaches are also known for their sugar white sand,which is composed largely of carbon from the halmieda plant. Amazingly,it does not burn bare feet like the silicon-based sands of most beaches,but instead remains pleasantly warm even on the hottest of summer days,creating the perfect environment for a relaxing getaway on the beach. 

Although the gulf oil spill of 2010 will likely have negative repercussions well into the foreseeable future,it is important to remain optimistic. Many people hope that it may speed up efforts to become free of our dependence on fossil fuels and could even ramp up the development of alternative energy sources. At the very least,let’s hope it curbs corporate greed and makes the next big executive think twice before cutting vital corners that could cause untold damages to our precious natural world and global economy. 

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