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Mexico Real Estate: Living in Mexico is Easy,Affordable & Convenient

19 January, 2014

If you are sick and tired of the high cost of living,but don’t want to give up the modern conveniences,security and other amenities of home,Mexico has the answer! Here’s why:

The peso-to-dollar value is favorable,which means that your dollar goes further than it will at home on every purchase you make. Also,you can rest easy knowing that Mexico’s economy is one of the strongest in the world,having grown despite the global recession and emerged as a leader among nations. 

In fact,millions of Americans have been moving to Mexico in recent years,thanks to the strong economy and safety of its major expat havens. In addition,the recession has actually created a buyer’s market in Mexico,which was already a more affordable place to buy real estate than many other tropical destinations worldwide. 

Property prices were never as inflated in Mexico as they were in the U.S.,and since most properties are not mortgaged,there was no catalyst causing prices to fall as rapidly as they did in the U.S. and elsewhere. In addition,sellers in Mexico are often willing to negotiate and to add in exciting incentives,such as covering association fees for a period of time after purchase,or including furniture and appliances in the purchase price. 

Also,it’s important to keep in mind that the media’s portrait of Mexico as a violent,drug-cartel ravaged country is far from accurate. In reality,the drug-related violence has occurred in isolated pockets along the U.S. border,thousands of miles from the popular expat towns of the Riviera Maya,for example. The truth is,most of the country is as safe or safer than most U.S. cities.

Mexico is also the closest retirement haven – geographically speaking – to the U.S.,which makes it easy to hop on a plane and go home to visit friends and family on a whim. Short plane rides from Mexico are also affordable and abundant,which is all part of the government’s plan to make it easy for expats to relocate to Mexico. 

The government has also made it easy to obtain a visa in Mexico,even compared to Panama,Belize and Costa Rica. In fact,Mexico’s requirements are easier to meet and less restrictive than almost anywhere else in the world. 

Retirees who are considering a move to Mexico real estate will be happy to discover that foreigners age 60 and above who obtain a visa are also eligible for the Personas Adultas Mayores benefits program. This excellent retirement benefits program offers discounts on a variety of services,such as healthcare,cultural activities,entertainment,transportation and travel expenses,such as airline tickets,buses,hotel accommodations and more. 

Add to this the fact that the cost of living in Mexico is lower than anywhere in the U.S.,despite the rising cost of fuel,health care,food and travel,and it’s easy to see why you can live better here than you can at home. In Mexico,with a lower cost of real estate,it is possible to enjoy luxuries you can only dream about at home. For example,where could you find a beachfront condo for $100,000 or less? And for as little as $2,000 a month,it is possible to live a life of luxury in Mexico!

As if all of this did not provide enough of a reason to consider a move to Mexico,you can also obtain excellent,full-coverage health insurance here for less than $1 per day. The country’s expat havens are home to first-class hospitals and medical facilities,with many doctors and nurses trained in the U.S. or Europe,who speak excellent English.

Finally,taxes are much lower in Mexico too,with annual property taxes on a $100,000 home hovering between $50 and $100. In addition,if you are self-employed,working for a Mexican company or a foreign company,you can exempt up to $84,500 of your annual income on your U.S. taxes. 

Of course,there is plenty more to learn about the benefits of living in Mexico,so why don’t you come down and discover for yourself everything this tropical paradise has to offer?

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