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Cultural Tourism on the Rise in Mexico Real Estate

19 January, 2014

Mexico is already known for having some of the world’s most beautiful beaches and for offering a wide variety of water sports,which leads to some serious fun in the sun. But Mexico is also increasingly becoming a popular destination for history buffs,photographers,foodies,and those who love to experience stunning architecture and exotic wildlife firsthand. 

Mexico offers a rich cultural heritage that appeals to an increasingly varied number of interests,including its 31 UNESCO World Heritage Sites –the largest number found in any country in the Americas. This includes colonial cities and ancient archaeological ruins left by indigenous groups such as the Aztecs,Zapotecs and Mayans.

Mexico real estate is also home to 35 pueblos magicos,or “magic villages,” which are towns that have been officially recognized by the government for their ability to give visitors an authentic taste of the country’s rich cultural heritage. The newest pueblos magico is the town of Palizada,which is located on the Yucatan peninsula in the state of Campeche,where two UNESCO World Heritage Sites can also be found. 

Mexico’s incredible Riviera Maya,which lies along the country’s southeastern Caribbean coast on the Yucatan peninsula,also offers a wide variety of opportunities for sophisticated cultural tourists,including the Puuc Route,which takes visitors on a tour through some of the region’s ancient Mayan ruins,as well as many Spanish colonial churches. For nature lovers,there are also a large number of cenotes that exist here,providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and freshwater swimming.

Mexico is dedicated to continuing the development of its cultural tourism options,and already offers routes that follow the 1810 War of Independence and the 1910 Revolution,among many others. And to celebrate the end of the Mayan calendar later this year,President Felipe Calderon has launched the “Mundo Maya 2012” campaign,which aims to promote the unique tourism opportunities presented by Mexico’s Mayan culture legacy.

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