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Merida Real Estate: Turning a Mexico Vacation into Relocation

15 January, 2014

Many travelers have dreamed of buying a home in another country for years, but are still searching for the perfect location. Price, safety, and proximity to fun activities and attractions are all important considerations, and many buyers are also interested in owning property near the beach. The problem is, many beachside communities are either very expensive, or so far off the beaten path that it is daunting to imagine buying a home in the area. 

Fortunately, there are a number of beautiful areas in Mexico that are still affordable, safe and offer close proximity to modern amenities and a wide variety of attractions. In fact, the amazing lifestyle offered in communities like Merida, Mexico, have caused many buyers to turn a vacation home into a permanent residence, opting to relocate to Mexico full time after experiencing all that life here has to offer. 

Merida and the surrounding area is not only naturally beautiful, but it is close to the beach and offers a variety of affordable real estate options, including beachfront homes and condos that are situated within easy walking distance of the ocean. There is also an active community of expats in the area, offering a multitude of social activities.

Mexico also offers a stable economy for working-age adults who may be tired of the increasing social, economic and political issues that are present in the United States. Merida real estate is known for its high standard of living and chic, cosmopolitan ambience at a bargain price compared to other popular destinations near the beach. In addition, the people are friendly and there are plenty of opportunities for expats looking for a rich cultural experience. 

There are also a variety of business opportunities available for those who opt to relocate in Mexico. For example, the Centro downtown area of Merida is home to a number of buildings that are very affordably priced and, with a little love, could quickly be renovated to house your dream business. Many expats who relocate to Mexico are doing just that – finding what they love and following their dreams to lead fulfilled and exciting lives in a tropical paradise.

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