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Scenic Costa Maya Offers Best Investment Opportunity in the Mexican Caribbean

14 January, 2014

Both the state and federal government has projected enormous growth in real estate for the Costa Maya region of Mexico. As a result,many buyers from around the world are busy trying to determine the best places to buy property in order to maximize profits.

Many of real estate’s greatest fortunes were made simply by purchasing property in the best location and waiting for demand to rise,leading to the old adage of,“location,location,location.” In the case of Mexico’s Costa Maya,it makes sense to begin by looking at properties that fall within areas that have been marked for development by the local government. Next,try to locate the best piece of property that lies within this area before another savvy buyer snatches it up.

As the popularity of listings that are located throughout the region continues to grow,property values will also rise. In many cases,insiders,politicians and local investors get the best deals initially,leaving everyone else to take what is available after the fact. As a result,it can be very helpful to develop a clear understanding of what makes for an excellent,investment quality beachfront property.

To start with,make sure the property is situated high enough above sea level to be protected from storms,and also look for listings that have added protection from a coral reef,which can help prevent erosion and shield the beach from waves. Next,consider the quality of the beach itself – is it all sand,or are there many rocks mixed in? Sandy beaches are either growing outward into the sea over time,a process known as “accretion,” or they are steadily eroding,which is known as “avulsion.”

It is also important to consider whether or not the beachfront lot is situated on a “berm saddle,” as this could cause it to erode quickly during a violent storm,and whether it lies on an alluvial plain,which lacks the required bedrock to support construction of a home. Remember that properties situated close to estuaries can create a rip tide effect,making the area dangerous for swimmers. Finally,a clear title for the property is obviously a “must,” and local zoning laws should also be taken into consideration before a purchase is made.

There are a wide variety of exceptional properties located within the government’s development area that satisfy all of the above criteria and more. These listings are stunning from a visual perspective and are still quite affordable,as the area has not yet been fully discovered by international investors. Contact us today to schedule a viewing trip and see for yourself what the Costa Maya has to offer!

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