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Your Top Reasons Why You Invested in Riviera Maya Real Estate

10 December, 2013

Hello,and thanks for stopping by today. I very much value and appreciate your time.

My last 2 blogs focused on the investment opportunities that abound here in Riviera Maya Real Estate and how you can financially prosper in this the fastest growing area in the world. In response,many of you contacted us with your questions and decided to make a few strategic investments that will yield high returns in just a few short years. 

Today however,I want to focus on what you said are you’re top reasons you invested in the Riviera Maya.  After all there are no opinions more important than yours. Whether you invested in a property for retirement or family vacations,a rental income property,a business,a guaranteed 12% building condos with us,or  Land Banking in Tulum your reasons are consistent.

Here are your Top Reasons you Investend in Riviera Maya Real Estate

LIFESTYLE: “Laid back and stress free”. “Finally,I am living the dream I have always wanted”.

CLIMATE: “With 85 degree sunny weather and 80 degree water all year round how I can go wrong”. “No more long,cold,dreary winters for me man”.

BEACHES: “Best beaches and whitest sand I have ever seen”. 

PEOPLE: “Everybody here is so happy and friendly”.

ACTIVITIES: “From all the water sports,to Eco and Adventure Parks,to beaches,I will never get bored”.

THE FOOD: “The food here is awesome”. Pelican Point Restaurant on the Marina in Puerto Aventuras is our favorite”.

AMENITIES: “Costco,Sam’s Club,Sears,Home Depot,Casinos,and huge shopping malls are all here”. ”Someone told me The Riviera Maya is fondly known as Little America and Canada”.

INFRASTRUCTURE: “I read billions have been spent on highways and roads here”. “I read there is a brand new International Airport being built in Tulum”.

GROWTH: “My research told me this is the fastest growing area in the world with major international corporations and developers investing tens of billions of dollars annually; if it’s good enough for them  it’s good enough for me”.

INVESTMENT OPPORTUNITIES: “The Wall Street Journal,Barron’s,and HSBC are all saying to invest in Riviera Maya Real Estate”. Click here to read what HSBC says.

OUR COMPANY: “I read that CNBC interviewed your company and say you are the experts in Mexico”. “I want to work with the best so I called you guys." Click here to read what CNBC says.

Many of you invested in Land Banking in Tulum due to that town’s exponential growth rate. Land Banking simply put is buying raw land in the direct path of progress for future sale and profit. It is the safest,most conservative,and lucrative Real Estate investment one can make. That is why it’s called Land Banking. Click here to learn more about  Land Banking.

Many of you invested in our company building condos with us and receive a guaranteed 12% in writing. Our condo projects are 50% sold before we cut down one tree and 100% sold way prior to completion. Click here to learn more about our Guaranteed 12% opportunity.

Most of you who invested in a personal or vacation rental income property chose Puerto Aventuras,  a yacht lined,seaside gated community where ironically most of us here at IPM live for many reasons. Click here to see our # 1 pick in your # 1 favorite community Puerto Aventuras.

For those of you who have already made business investments or bought your own personal slice of paradise in the Riviera Maya congratulations,you are all ahead of the curve. We are anticipating very significant price increases across the board very soon and will continue to do so. Now is the time to buy. 

For those of you who are considering investing in the area we are here to provide you with sound expert advice you can rely on and trust.

Click here to see what other folks like yourself have to say about us.