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Investors are Flocking to Riviera Maya and buying Tulum Real Estate

25 November, 2013

Mexico has been one of the world’s top vacation destinations for many years enjoying almost 30 million visitors annually with 70% of those tourists coming to the Riviera Maya in the Mexican Caribbean.

With almost perfect sunny weather,80 degree multi colored turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea,and the most sugar white powdery beaches imaginable definitely provides for that perfect vacation experience year after year.

The Riviera Maya,fondly called Little America and Canada,primarily due to the billions of dollars that have been invested in a superior infrastructure system of high quality highways and roads that are comparable to the US and Canada. There are also plans in the works for 2 speed train routes from Cancun to Tulum to the south and Merida in the north.

The Riviera Maya also boasts all the creature comforts expats enjoy such as large malls,multiplex cinemas,Costco,Sears,Wal-Mart,Sam’s Club,world class international dining,and a vibrant night life all close but not right in your face.

All these factors have made Riviera Maya Real Estate the fastest growing area on the planet. Recently,HSBC bank,the largest investment institution in the world pinpointed the Riviera Maya their #1 choice to invest your money.

In addition,Barron’s,owned and published by the Wall Street Journal,recently issued their report naming Mexico as the “World's New Economic Superpower”.

In addition to the world’s leading financial institutions and advisors saying to buy land Tulum is receiving massive amounts of international media attention fueling an already red hot to a white hot Real Estate market.

“Why savvy investors are buying raw land in TULUM REAL ESTATE “

Tulum  lies in the southern Riviera Maya,home to the #1 top rated  beaches on the planet and the only coastal Mayan Ruin in Mexico attracting no less than  2.1 million visitors annually. In addition,Tulum will soon have a brand New International Airport servicing yet another 3 million visitors annually. You do the math.

Remember,the Riviera Maya is the fastest growing area in the world; Tulum is the fastest growing town in all Latin America making it an investors mecca. Right now investors are focusing on Tulum and buying raw land in the direct path of progress to hold then sell for significant future profit yielding no less than a projected 300-500% return in 3-5 years time. Where else can an investor make those kinds of returns?

Top reasons why our investors buy land in Tulum Real Estate.

- #1 top rated beaches in the world

- Best weather in Mexico

- Rated one of the top places to retire

-  Riviera Maya has 5 of the top 10 luxury hotels in the world

- Top Yoga location

-  Hollywood crowd frequently vacation here

-  New Jack Nicklaus golf course

-  Mayan Ruins drawing 2.1 million visitors annually

-  Billions of dollars being invested into infrastructure to support the growth of the area

-  Wall Street Journal,Bloom’s,CNBC,HSBC,all say to invest in the area

-   Growing at a rate of 16% annually

-  New speed train system coming

-  And a brand new International Airport  servicing  an additional 3 million visitors

- 300-500% returns in 3-5 years

-  More International Media coverage than anywhere else in the world

Tulum is red hot and ripe for investment now! No other area will yield such high returns in such a short period. Time is of the essence to invest in Tulum Real Estate. Land is quickly disappearing and prices rising.

Don’t be caught looking for that 4 leaf clover in the backyard when opportunity is knocking at your front door.

We are the experts in Mexico Real Estate investments according to CNBC.  And in life,one has to rely and trust in the experts no matter what it is. You don’t call an electrician when your water pipe breaks,you call a plumber.  We are the leading authority here with our finger on the pulse of the area with our feet on the ground. We can provide you with solid professional advice on how and where to invest your hard earned money maximizing your return on investment in this the fastest growing area in the world.

Here is a link to our #1 pick for a very safe conservative Land Banking opportunity in Tulum.

Hectare lots (2.5 acres) for only $20K USD positioned directly in the path of growth.

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