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Texas Corporation Helps Investors Tap into Mexico’s Strong Sector

31 October, 2013

The Tecma Group of Companies, Inc.,has launched a website that provides detailed information about manufacturing in Mexico, including advice and data relating to starting up and maintaining operations. Topics range from “Mexican Aerospace Education” and “Automotive Investment on the Rise” to a very interesting article about a Mexican manufacturer who produced the nation’s first 3-D printer

“Interested parties that wish to receive updated Mexico manufacturing related content can do so either by signing up or bookmarking The Tecma RSS Feed,” writes the Sacramento Bee. “The information can be delivered in text, audio and video format.” 

Headquartered in El Paso, Texas, Tecma helps large and small companies from a wide range of industries to set up and operate various types of manufacturing operations in Mexico. The website is designed to be a useful tool for anyone interested in understanding how manufacturing in Mexico affects the economies of other nations and the many opportunities it provides for savvy investors worldwide.

For example,Toyota Motor Corp. just announced plans this week that it will increase its capacity in Mexico, stating it “might build a vehicle that would help Toyota increase share in Mexico and Latin America rather than one dedicated to the United States.” Toyota already operates several plants in Mexico and has cornered five percent of the market share in the nation – a number the automaker hopes to dramatically increase over the coming years.

“Automobiles account for a quarter of Mexico’s exports according to the World Bank, with total manufactured exports experiencing recent growth rates of more than 10 percent,” writes Wells Fargo. “Investors who 10 years ago looked beyond the headlines and found merit in the country’s economic fundamentals and enlightened fiscal policies have seen the Mexican Bolsa equity index average a 21.7 percent annual gain during the 2003-2012 decade, according to Bloomberg and calculations from Wells Fargo Advisors.” 

Finally, another reason manufacturing in Mexico remains a fairly safe bet for investors is the fact that it offers lower wages than China, along with improved productivity and a better geographic location when it comes to reaching the U.S.,which is still the world’s largest economy. In fact, the Boston Consulting Group predicts that the wage gap between China and Mexico will hit 19 percent in just two more years.

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