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Amazon Launches First Mexico Kindle Store

08 October, 2013

Amazon announced last month that it has opened a new online Mexico Kindle Store,which will offer hundreds of thousands of titles in English and Spanish,as well as in Nahuatl and a variety of other indigenous languages,according to the Wall Street Journal. Amazon and the new Kindle store worked closely with the Nacional de Lenguas Indigenas,or National Institute of Indigenous Languages,to preserve these important pieces of the nation’s cultural heritage. 

To the rest of the world,this news is simply acting as even more proof that Mexico is the region’s new tech leader. The new store will also feature a variety of other exclusive titles in addition to more than 1,500 free offerings,all of the world’s most popular eBooks and a wide variety of international best sellers. In addition,as part of this expansion,services associated with Kindle Direct Publishing are now available for independent authors and publishers throughout Mexico.

“We’re happy to launch the Mexico Kindle Store today and bring a huge bookstore with more than two million titles to anyone with an Internet connection,” shared Pedro Huerta,who is the director of Kindle content for Latin America. “We are also excited to bring Kindle and Kindle Paperwhite to Mexico. Kindle Paperwhite offers an unparalleled reading experience,with a display that reads like real paper,an innovative built-in front light,a small and light-weight design and eight weeks of battery life so customers can easily dive into their favorite books.”

In fact,all of Mexico’s popular Gandhi bookstores have vowed that they will offer Amazon’s Kindle products for sale in an effort to bring books to anyone and everyone who is interested in reading. It also helps that the new Mexico Kindle Store offers the best price point of any eBookstore that is currently open for business,and that the total number of selections available have already passed the two million mark. 

In addition,Kindle offers a variety of free reading apps for virtually every available device and platform,including iPad,iPhone,iPod touch,Android phones and tablets,Windows PCs and tablets,other PCs and Mac computers. In addition,most new Kindle products - including the Paperwhite – now offer a free 3G connection,which means consumers will never again have to waste time looking for a WiFi connection in order to make a purchase. 

“We believe it is a great option to enjoy reading at an affordable price,” shared Alberto Achar,who is Gandhi’s marketing manager. “It is very important to us to take books to anyone interested in reading.”

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