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Huffington Post Highlights Mexico’s “Sound Economics”

07 October, 2013

Professor Mark Kennedy,who teaches political management at George Washington University,recently wrote an article for the Huffington Post about the real Mexico after he paid a visit last month to the nation that has grown into Latin America’s second largest – not to mention strongest - economy.

“Mexican politics has largely been driven by efforts to free the economy,” writes Kennedy. “During my meeting with Bank of Mexico Governor Agustin Carstens,I was struck by his focus on the benefits of providing the private sector long-term certainty,the kind of enlightened policy guidance that has greatly benefited Mexico.” 

In the article,Kennedy goes on to explain that,since the election of former President Vincente Fox in 2000,the democratic process in Mexico has evolved into a system of multiple parties with peaceful transitions of power from one leader to the next,regardless of his or her party affiliation. For example,Fox continues to influence the political landscape in Mexico today by providing support and contributing ideas to the nation’s next generation of leaders. 

Currently,the Pact for Mexico is evidence of the effort its two major parties have put into working together since the 2012 election of current President Enrique Peña Nieto. The pact was developed to help the government tackle challenges such as education reform,labor reform and competition among the telecommunications,media and banking industries,as well as opening up Mexico’s considerable energy resources.

“Solid economic goals have buttressed political gains,” writes Kennedy. “The Mexican economy is adept at designing and building products up and down the supply chain,unlike other emerging markets that only provide labor stock. Mexico excels at making large complex products,holding the titles of largest flat screen television exporter,the third largest computer manufacturer,and fourth largest vehicle exporter in the world.”

But Mexico is not just a country of highly capable factory laborers and assembly experts – far from it. The reality is that every year more than 115,000 young engineers graduate from college,which is more than Canada,the UK,economic rival Brazil,and even Germany! In addition,the IT services industry in Mexico is one of the world’s top five most expansive and its young,talented workforce is already working seamlessly with tech giants in the U.S.

Perhaps most important,however,is the fact that Mexicans tend to have an innate fondness for the United States – and its citizens – that far surpasses even that of Canadians. Despite periodic negative press and the media’s continued attempts to perpetuate extreme stereotypes,Mexican citizens are happy to work with their northern neighbors to build prosperity for the future in both countries.

“Mexico is well on its way to joining the ranks of the world’s great powers,” Kennedy concludes. “The complementarities of the United States and Mexican economies make us a far more formidable competitor together than we are apart.”

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