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Best Secret’s of Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula

30 September, 2013

Mexico’s stunning Yucatan Peninsula – which is home to popular hotspots such as the Riviera Maya’s cities and beach towns of Cancun,Playa del Carmen and Tulum – is also home to a variety of native wildlife and surprising ancient cultural traditions that keep moving this area to the top of bucket lists among travelers from all over the world.

“Before Chichen Itza was anointed one of the “New 7 Wonders of the World” in 2007,most foreign visitors knew little of the Yucatan beyond the beaches of Cancun,Playa del Carmen and Tulum,” writes Zagat.

Today,this region is quickly emerging as the go-to getaway spot for international travelers,so here we’ve compiled just a few of the most interesting things to do,see and experience during your next visit:

Chichen Itza

Visiting this ancient Mayan site is pretty much a no-brainer. Despite having been discovered nearly 200 years ago,there are plenty of areas left for modern travelers to explore.

The Coqui Coqui Boutique Hotel in Tulum

When opening their third boutique property on the Yucatan Peninsula,owners of Coqui Coqui used as many local artisans and weavers as possible. Best described as ‘bohemian chic,’ the property is just steps from what has become one of the most elegant and fashionable destinations in all of Mexico – and the world.

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Situated near Tulum and just a few hours from Cancun’s International Airport,Bacalar is an interconnected series of waterways between the inland freshwater cenotes and the Caribbean Sea. The name actually means Lake of Seven Colors,but in reality it is a far-reaching,turquoise-hued lagoon that is sure to mesmerize even the most seasoned travelers.


Just three hours west of Cancun,adventurous travelers can safely and easily visit Yaxcopoil,

a 17th century hacienda that lies in stark reminder of the days of grandeur that gave way to these monumental homesteads. Built during the region’s heyday,Yaxcopoil has been preserved but never restored,making it one of the most authentic of its kind inexistence today. Bonus: The booming,colorful and artistic ex-pat town of Merida is just up the road,as are the ancient Mayan ruins of Uxmal.

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