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Tulum to be Named one of Mexico’s Magic Towns

25 September, 2013

Mexico is already home to more than 80 Magic Towns,or Pueblos Mágicos,as they are known locally,and most recently the up-and-coming eco-chic town of Tulum,which lies just south of Cancun and Playa del Carmen along the Riviera Maya,is poised to be the latest name added to this mysterious list. The nation’s so-called Magic Towns are actually small towns and villages that are located throughout the country and still possess some form of ecological,traditional,mystical or cultural features that are either natural or man-made.

For example,there are a wide variety of different legends running through much of Mexico,as well as countless ancient archaeological sites – many of which have yet to even be discovered! These areas – like Tulum – are often found in some of the world’s most ecologically diverse and visually stunning environments,making them ideal for tourism.

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Pueblo Magico is actually a program that was developed by Mexico’s Ministry of Tourism,along with other state and local authorities,to promote sustainable travel initiatives and help the economies of local towns and villages throughout Mexico. What makes this initiative so very special is that each of the towns are able to offer a totally unique visitor experience.

For example,in Tulum,travelers can experience the only seaside Mayan pyramid in all of Mexico standing sentry across the ages over the Yucatan’s soft white sand beaches and the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. There are a wide variety of criteria that must be met in order for any destination to receive the distinction of Magic Town,and Tulum is the latest in line for consideration. 

In Tulum,there are a number of different ruins that are believed to be from XIV or XII century Mayan civilizations. Originally,the seaside city of Tulum was a major center of trade and commerce,as well as maritime activity. Today,the modern portions of Tulum are eco-chic and the entire region is quickly becoming a favorite destination among savvy travelers from around the world. Here,visitors will thrill to this beach town’s unique identity,which includes small,enchanting,yet luxurious accommodations that are quite far removed from the big box resorts that are so common in larger cities to the north.