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Cancun's Hotel Zone - Not Just A Tourist Mecca

15 September, 2013

You may be surprised to know that Cancun’s Hotel Zone is not just for tourists and is a veritable oasis for families and other full-time residents.  There are many pockets within the Hotel Zone accommodating residents in condos,houses and villas living there full-time among the many tourists visiting each and every year.  It is flush with private bilingual schools,parks,shopping malls,supermarkets,entertainment activities for kids and a wide array of water sports and natural attractions.  Oh and did I tell you that the hospitals in Cancun and the Hotel Zone are known for their advancements in technology,procedures and superior level of care?

When I speak with people from all over the world everyday calling and emailing to inquire about various aspects of living in Mexico,I provide answers they are not expecting.  They learn that Cancun and the Riviera Maya are among the many safe areas of Mexico considered green zones,that 70% of Mexico’s tourism happens here because of its beauty and safety and that party central is not the only aspect of the Hotel Zone to be enjoyed.

This was all brought home to me when I met a sweet couple and their young son from California.  They have been living here for several years and decided to list their condo for sale because of having to return to the United States for business  reasons.  My husband,Doug and I dropped in to see them one of many beautiful days when the sky was clear blue,the sun was brilliant and the Cancun Caribbean Sea was showing off its famous azure blue,turquoise and aqua marine pallet of many colors.

We walked into the gorgeous lobby of the Lahia condo complex and were directed by the concierge to the Torre Mar Tower where we took the private elevator to the 6th Floor and immediately stepped into one of the most stunningly beautiful views we have experienced in Cancun and the Riviera Maya.  It literally took my breath away.  The first words out of my mouth were,“Oh my God!”  In addition to the view,the condo itself is gorgeous.  It was decorated by the wife of the couple with beautiful,tasteful and inviting contemporary furniture and accessories and shows like something out of House Beautiful.

I know,I know! You’re thinking,“Sounds expensive!”  And you would be right.  To satisfy your curiosity,just click on my link here and see for yourself why this jewel of a home sitting right on the sand is worth every penny.  And then call me for a tour.

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