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The Riviera Maya’s Affordable Luxury on the Marina in Puerto Aventuras

03 September, 2013

When I tell you about this property you may at first wonder why I am calling it affordable “luxury”. But when you finish reading my blog,you’ll know why.

We all know the stories of the beautiful butterfly evolving from the homely caterpillar,and the shell at the bottom of the ocean evolving over time to produce a beautiful pearl. My listing,The Shells,is just another example.

When I first walked into The Shells,I saw a brand-new condo needing tender loving care. But when I looked beyond what it needed and instead saw what it offered,my perception evolved. I saw,a 1350 sq ft condo that looks larger because of its floor plan with a feeling of large bedrooms,a nice-size kitchen,open living room and dining area and a walk-in laundry room. 

Even though The Shells is only on the second floor,it boasts a beautiful view of the pool and gardens below. And best of all,it’s right on the Marina with a view of the boats in our high-end gated community of Puerto Aventuras.

There was a lesson here for me and it was taught to me by the clients who have seen it so far. We have three different couples vying for The Shells,but offers have been delayed either because they are organizing their financing or they are waiting to return for a second look. That means the way is still clear for you to see the light of this beauty ready to burst forth. 

The lesson taught to me by these enlightened people was that they first saw what The Shells had to offer; and only then saw the work it needs and saw it as a project-in-waiting. It could be that one of the reasons they perceived it this way was because of the very low list price. Taking it on as a project is financially do-able and will allow it to be developed into a condo deserving of its location.

To see this amazingly low price for the pearl waiting to be discovered,please check out my listing here.

If you think The Shells is worthy of a look,contact me anytime and I will be here for you.

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