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Washington University Outlines Mexico’s Formidable Economic Future

02 September, 2013

A new economic study conducted by George Washington University graduate Hon. Mark R. Kennedy,proves that Mexico is ‘Much More than Borders and Beaches’ (although its beaches ARE truly fabulous),the Huffington Post reports.

“The [new government] has taken action to increase the effectiveness of education,streamline labor restrictions,and to facilitate competition in the telecommunications,media and banking industries,” writes Kennedy. “Freeing up the energy sector is next on the docket.” 

In addition,the article points out that solid economic policies have reaped major political gains for Mexico,driven by efforts to free up the nation’s economy and reduce the power of state-run or private monopolies and increasing competition while attracting investment.

“The success Mexico has achieved has attracted reverse migration from the United States,” shares Kennedy. “During my meeting with the Bank of Mexico Governor Agustin Carstens,I was struck by his focus on the benefits of providing the private sector long-term security,the kind of enlightened policy guidance that has greatly benefited Mexico.”

Add to all of this that more than half of Mexico’s population is 26 or younger,which is a major strength for incoming corporations. Perhaps this is why Mexico is highly skilled at making and designing all types of products from every imaginable sector. This includes,large complex items such as computer manufacturers,vehicles and flat screen televisions,in addition to unskilled laborers.

“Mexico graduates more than 115 thousand young engineers every year; more than Canada,the United Kingdom,Germany,or emerging market rival Brazil,” writes Kennedy for the Huffington Post. “Its IT services industry is one of the five largest in the world.”

More and more,the technological prowess and highly productive,yet affordable workforce of Mexico is becoming a mutually beneficial relationship between these neighboring countries. In fact,Kennedy’s studies discovered that many Mexican business and political leaders are pleased have maintained a positive outlook of the future prospects between Mexico real estate and the U.S.

“Much has been said about how China might overtake the United States economically,” opines Kennedy. “Yet there have been no articles about China overtaking a North American economy. The complementarity’s of the U.S. and Mexican economies make us a far more formidable competitor together than we are apart.”