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Dragon Mart: The New Face of Puerto Morelos

11 August, 2013

Until recently Puerto Morelos has been commonly known as a sleepy little town south of Cancun where fishing for a living is still a common practice. The pace of life here is slow and laid back. In the Zocalo (main square on the center of town) one finds various restaurants offering local fare with fantastically fresh seafood and local ingredients. The area surrounding Puerto Morelos features lodging accommodations,which range from small thatched roof palapa style cabañas all the way to the popular all-inclusive resorts.

Although Puerto Morelos has been experiencing an upswing in tourism there is a very different reason why this town has become a focal point of attention in Mexico. The creation of Dragon Mart Cancun,a large project,in which the Mexican and Chinese governments are working together in strengthen the economic ties between these two countries. 

Dragon Mart Cancun is set to be an international exhibition center of manufacturing products that will be open to companies from all over the world but with special emphasis on China. One of the mail goals of the Mexican Government wants to achieve with this project is to strengthen the commercial and cultural relationships with the more dynamic economies in the world. Dragon Mart will also develop different business platforms that will simplify trade for Mexico and the rest of Latin America. This is very important for the area. It will promote the Riviera Maya as a business hub for the entire Western Hemisphere creating a vital business link between Latin America and Asia.

Dragon Mart will bring new jobs to the area benefiting the local economy as well as promoting the development of residential and commercial Puerto Morelos Real Estate (click here to see more),which will translate into growth for the Riviera Maya by creating in increase on the number of people visiting and discovering the opportunities Rivera Maya Real Estate have to offer.

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