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Tulum Real Estate is Exploding Attracting International Investors

08 August, 2013

We here at Investment Properties Mexico are advising more and more of our clients to invest in Tulum Real Estate taking advantage of the opportunities available due to the town’s expediential growth.  If considering diversifying your investment portfolio or simply building your nest egg Tulum Real Estate according to world experts is the best place to position oneself on the planet to maximize returns. Here’s what the Wall Street Journal says…

Tulum Real Estate is the fastest growing town in all Latin America at a rate of 16% per year. This exponential growth rate is surpassing Playa del Carmen Real Estate which according to the Guinness Book of World Records was the fastest growing town in the world just a few short years ago. A few short years ago land prices in Playa del Carmen Real Estate were $30,000 USD per hectare. Today that same hectare of land in Playa del Carmen costs $300,000 USD.  Investors who bought property in Playa del Carmen a few short years ago are now reaping very lucrative rewards for being ahead of the curve. Tulum is the next Playa del Carmen growing at an even faster rate. Smart investors who followed our lead in the past and bought land in Playa del Carmen Real Estate are well positioned financially and very eager to move their chips south along side ours in Tulum Real Estate.  Land prices in Tulum are still relatively cheap at a cost of $20,000 USD per hectare but not for long. Property prices in Tulum Real Estate have almost tripled in the last 6 years alone. Here is info on these $20,000 USD hectare lots…

Tulum is no longer the sleepy little tourist town it once was just a few short years ago. The secret is out with more international media coverage than any other place on the globe attracting savvy investors who are seizing the moment taking advantage of this opportunity. CNBC heard about us and the investment opportunities we are involved with in Tulum Real Estate and recently came to Mexico to interview us and our investors already showing double digit returns. CNBC has since labeled Investment Properties Mexico the leading authority and Mexico Real Estate experts. CNBC put a link to our company website www.investmentpropertiesmexico.com  in their article directing you to us.   

Here is what CNBC is saying about Investment Properties Mexico

In addition to all the international media coverage,HSBC,the largest investment bank in the world recently conducted their own independent study pinpointing Riviera Maya Real Estate as the #1 place in the world for real estate investment.

 Here is what HSBC is saying…

There are also some great investment condo deals to be had in Tulum Real Estate.  Villas Kabala  in our expert opinion is Tulum’s best condo value available ticking all our boxes for value,quality,location,price,and return on investment.

Here is a link to Condominio Villas Kabala...

With world leading financial authorities all saying to invest in Tulum what are you waiting for??? 

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