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Investing in Mexico: Condo,Land Banking,Developing – What To Choose?

31 July, 2013

Hi Everyone!  I have been sitting here in my condo gazing out at the Marina,the trees,the pool and the green,green grass trying to decide what words of wisdom will convince you to join us here in the most beautiful lifestyle I have ever experienced. And when I say “join us” I mean in whatever capacity works for you and your current lifestyle. It could be that you will join us in the metaphorical sense for the time being. That is,by investing in Mexico in ways other than buying a condo or perhaps in addition to buying a condo.

When people first think of coming to Mexico,the first thought that comes to mind is not “investment”. For most people Mexico and investment are not synonymous - even today! For most people it is the dream of Mexico and the condo on the beach,or the marina,or the lagoon or the golf course. Let me tell you about what else is going on here that will bring you much more impressive returns than anywhere else on the planet; this is according to a worldwide study conducted by the HSBC which has concluded that at this time in our global economic evolution or de-volution,according to your perspective,Mexico is the best country in the world in which to invest. 

Depending on where you are in your life,buying that condo which is generating monthly rental income may be right for you. But if you are a young investor trying to build your capital or a mature,experienced investor who just likes to make lots of money,why not consider the track records of some of the most successful people in the world who have followed the “road less travelled” in land banking and development but have realized the greatest returns:  Warren Buffett; Donald Trump; The Queen of England… just to name a few.

Two of the investment opportunities we are highlighting at this time are:

Land Banking in Tulum with an unmistakable history of triple-digit success. Land Banking is an old idea that has made millions for millions around the world and is an investment avenue that makes sense now more than ever in Mexico.  It’s a pretty simple premise:  focus on acquiring and holding land that is in the pre-development stage but in the path of growth made obvious by all the markers around it: an upcoming International Airport in Tulum; lots of new building going in Tulum; highway signs being erected by the Federal Government indicating mileage to the targeted areas. 

A “Guaranteed in Writing” 12% Annual Return when you invest in Investment Properties Mexico’s current and upcoming development projects.

For all the juicy details,contact me whenever the mood strikes you and I’ll be here for you with bells on.

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