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Tulum Real Estate Development: The Mayan’s 2012 Prophecy?

30 July, 2013

What was one a sleepy,beach bum,off the beaten path,local secret,Tulum is now the fastest growing city in Latin America accordingly to. While Tulum is still considered a laid back locale with incredible beaches,we are starting to see a big change in this booming,eco-friendly town. Thousands of years ago when the Mayans foresaw the end of their calendar and an era as they knew it,could they have been envisioning their pristine natural home becoming a thriving city,motivated by tourism? Your sentiments towards these changes may be similar to many others who call the Riviera Maya home,bittersweet. Even though we all want to keep our piece of paradise just as it is,with all that Tulum has to offer,how could we not share it with the rest of the world?

The projections of what Tulum is to become are huge,but let's focus on the positive. The local government and developers are planning strategically to allow the population and tourism to grow,while still respecting the ecological consciousness,we all love about Tulum,making it special. Throughout the Riviera Maya it is easy to see among the hundreds of all inclusive- hotels the general idea,best value for your money,but at what price? Don't get me wrong,everyone can enjoy unlimited food and drinks with endless entertainment,but what options are available for those who want to experience the Riviera Maya without wearing a wrist band?

While there will be a lot of developing and infrastructure throughout Tulum real estate,all of the beach front boutique hotels will still operate on generators,solar panels and wind turbines. The developments to be built just off of the beach access road will be optimizing their power usage through solar energy,as many solar panels are already in place. Instead of leveling the jungle to build new homes,the idea is to be one nature and live within its natural beauty. The upcoming adjustments,geared for tourism may be daunting to locals or visitors who already know of Tulum's charm,however,we can all rest assured knowing that all of these modifications are being planned with a high concern for the local ecological environment.

Some have heard of the 2012 prophecies to be catastrophic,however,all the Mayans have predicted is the end one time and the beginning of another. There is no doubt that big changes are beginning to happen,but perhaps fate is up to us,by effectively nurturing tourism in ecological friendly way.