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Puerto Aventuras Real Estate: Buy Now,Before it is Too Late! Final Development of Plan Four

30 July, 2013

For the past eleven years,I have called the community and marina of Puerto Aventuras my home. Like many other locals,once you come to Puerto,you never want to leave.. so you don’t. Looking back on my time in Puerto Aventuras it amazes me to see all of the changes and growth. While seeing the neighborhood and village thrive is great,a part of me wants this piece of Paradise all to myself.

I remember hearing the big explosions several years ago ring throughout Puerto as they were blowing out the new canals for the new marina. Several years ago seems like it was just yesterday,especially because the final Phase of “untouched” Puerto that is now underway. 

Last weekend,my wife and I joined a couple of friends for some fun in the sun in the local “Caleta” of Puerto Aventuras which harbors a tiny,Mayan ruin. We like to think this place is our best kept secret,however,upon arrival,it was easy to see our perfectly,private haven was no longer a secret. The “Caleta” was full locals enjoying themselves,just as we had come to. While the privacy is nice,we have come to understand that this paradise is ours to share and we cannot be selfish in thinking it is only ours to appreciate.

On our way back home,on the beaten path of rock and jungle,we stumbled upon the new and final Phase Four of Puerto Aventuras real estate. We were completely shocked by all of the new roads being put into place and the vast area of,what was jungle,that was now a blueprint of the upcoming development.  The machinery and infrastructure made it obvious that this was truly a big project underway.

Over the next six years,Puerto Aventuras locals will see a lot of changes in their backyards. New,extensive canals are being dredged,along with access roads,pathways,housing lots and tons more. From high-end resorts,condominiums,homes and restaurants,Phase Four of Puerto Aventuras is sure to be a substantial addition. An article from the Pelican Press,the local Puerto Aventuras newspaper quoted the developer,Roman Torres,“Plan 4 development stage should create 1,500 new direct jobs that will mean a population growth of about 3,500.” They further stated that this would add to the current 2,000 residents of the resort that climbs to 4,500 in season plus the 4,000 to 7,000 residents of the pueblo for an estimated in-season community of over 10,000 population as time and development strides into the 2010 decade.

While there is a bit of myself that knows this growth will bring a lot of big changes in Puerto,I know that it will only make this private-gated community even more prosperous and remarkable. My advice to you,buy now before it’s too late.

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